Googly Gooeys Why Ill Never Be a Food Blogger
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Why I’ll Never Be a Food Blogger + Laduree,Din Tai Fung & Tonkichi Tonkatsu

Since Ponggo & I have been sharing pictures from events & travels lately, we were thinking, we should probably expand it to sharing our gastronomical escapades. So we tried.  However, 70% of the time, we were busy eating—sometimes even to the point of not talking—just plain hungry after hours and hours of walking, exploring &


Burp Day!

No self-respecting decent person would probably greet herself online and say, “Happy birthday to me!” but let me abuse take this opportunity to finally celebrate my birthday on this blog for the first time since its inception 😀  *Yeah! ;)* I would always make some graphics for Ponggo’s birthday and then force Ponggo to post a

Googly Gooeys Taking a Selfie1
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Taking a Selfie

I don’t actually know when it evolved from being a camwhore to taking a selfie.    Anyway, this post is dedicated to our friend Gicel whom we’ve followed & unfollowed several times thank to her penchant and passion for flooding our feed with her face!  We love you Gicel! Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Googly Gooeys 4 Types of Hungry
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Four Types of Hunger

Almost every day I find myself browsing my Instagram feed.  Aside from designers, I also try to follow food bloggers like @ladyironchef & @talesfromthetummy.  Since they post lots of food porn, I no longer know if I’m really legitimately hungry–not that I’d be breaking any laws according to the constitution.  I wish that my type

Googly Gooeys Yes Yes Yes
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Yes, Yes, Yes!

Have you ever been asked the same question over and over, eventually, absent-mindedly, you had to give a standard answer? P.S. More Yes & No cartoons here: Saying Yes (and Learning How to Say No) 5 Ways to Say NO When She Says Yes, She Means No P.S. Don’t forget to follow the Googly Gooeys

Googly Gooeys Short Lived Apology
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Short-Lived Apology

Hello, hello!  We’re back once again!  Ponggo & I had a tough but very productive and fulfilling working weekend.  We ended it nicely with a filling dinner and a quick skate at the rink.  Since were were sleep-deprived and tired by Sunday night, we were didn’t necessarily in the cheeriest of dispositions.  [May I also

Googly Gooeys Star Trek

Things You Wish For After Watching Star Trek

We watched Star Trek the other night & I must say it wasn’t easy to do this post.  At first, I was thinking, “Oh no!  I should definitely consider the tiniest details & rules the movie has because of its super obsessed fandom!” just in case someone from there accidentally stumbles upon this comic.  Then

Googly Gooeys What People Dont Say About Mondays

What People Don’t Say About Mondays

Every Friday, you’ll see your social networking feeds being deluged with lines like, “I love Fridays!” “Hooray! It’s Friday!” or “Hello Friday!”.  Why don’t people actually ever greet Mondays?   If the days of the week were in one school, Friday would be the pop kid and Monday will be the awkward outcast suffering from

Googly Gooeys The Salad Diet

The Salad Diet

I don’t know what is it with me these days.  I’m constantly craving for leafy greens.  I actually think I’m turning into a rabbit as I’ve tweeted some days ago. I think I’m turning into a rabbit. I’m craving for leafy greens everyday ???????????? — Googly Gooeys (@googlygooeys) April 28, 2013 *How redundant can I

Googly Gooeys 4 pics 1 word Compressed
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4 Pics 1 Word…or Something Like It

How many of you have found themselves addicted to 4 Pics 1 Word? Now, how many of you actually Googled the answers just so that you didn’t have to lose a point? On the other hand, these days, people are so caught up about having the perfect and most creative, talked about proposal complete with

Googly Gooeys Labor Day

Not So Labor Day Labor Day

Ermagherrd! Our stubborn website finally allowed me to enter & upload a blog post!   I’ve been wanting to upload this last night just in time for Labor Day but oh well.  Whew!   So, how are you spending your Labor Day? 🙂  If you’re like me, then you’ve been thinking what is it that

2 Ponggo Swimming

Happy 4th Birthday to the Googly Gooeys! :)

Happy 4th Birthday to the Googly Gooeys!  Four years ago today, (and I totally sound like a historian slash grandparent,)   I was having such a bad afternoon.   I sat down and tinkered with my laptop and played around with this circle and started pushing it in random directions.  It looked like a blob of goo

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