Signs That Your’e an Introvert & Our 2Go Travel Feature!

Googly Gooeys 5 Signs That You're an Introvert 1) You can't be with people all the time. "Umm...I love you but I need some time alone with my thoughts." "Huh?" 2) You tend to overthink things. "Maybe I shouldn't have done that...Maybe I should've?" 3) Most of your "conversations" only happen inside your mind. "Were you actually talking to me or to that imaginary person?" "Umm..." 4) When you're with pepole, you think about what you could've been doing at home instead. "Sigh...Why are we here anywya? I should be in front of my computer instead." 5) You pretend to be busy with something to avoid talking to people. "Umm...hello? I'm talking to you."We went to a party the other night and Ponggo had to park our car some blocks away from the venue.  I was about to enter the club and then I saw a sea of people whom I didn’t know & I got terrified.  I’m usually feel just okay when I’m surrounded by a crowd and even hyper & uber happy especially when I know them so well.  But for that night, I thought,  “Oh no! I must wait for Ponggo!”  I just realized that during social occasions, Ponggo is kind of my shield.  I let him do the talking while I just don my sheepish clueless & polite smile while over-analyzing things and thinking of what I’m supposed to say and what I’m not supposed to say.  Sometimes, I just conveniently grin while I’m still busy fighting the fan girl in me especially when I finally get to meet my favorite artists!

A part of me was screaming, “That’s why I blog…because I’m comfortable with the fact that I can just spew out my thoughts but no one can see me.  And oh, the laptop doesn’t talk back either.”  If I had a soundtrack for that moment, then these lines would be playing:

♩♪ Day after day, I must face the world of strangers where I don’t beloooooong…I’m not that strong ♫♬

I just realized how much of an introvert I still am.  I thought I was going to be able to outgrow it sometime in my life.  I thought I somehow evolved but apparently, the only thing that has changed in the past decade or so is the fact that Ponggo is usually beside me during social events and when I don’t know what to do, I don’t have to pretend to be busy with my phone while walking towards a random direction or hiding inside the bathroom!


Tipsy ❤

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile

2go Trip Magazine Featuring the Googly Gooeys
Mega thanks to 2Go Travel for featuring us on their April 2013 issue of Trip! Magazine 🙂 This is the first ever time that we’ve been featured on a local magazine and we’ve been dreaming about this for a quite a while now 🙂 So, thank you, thank you, thank you & oh, don’t forget to follow @2go_travel on Twitter for the latest updates on fun barkada getaways! 🙂

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11 years ago

Acc. to a research I read somewhere, introverts are commonly found to be more thoughtful, cautious and intelligent than extroverts on an average and usually take up writing as a career…sounds gud and true, right?
I’m one hell of an introvert myself and I like being one (well…most of the time), I personally think it leaves an impression on everyone U meet.

10 years ago

This post truly describe what I feel all the timeee..
but now I’m have this fabulous job where I can’t be that awkward, silent self anymore. how can i change who I am? *sigh*

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