Things You Wish For After Watching Star Trek

We watched Star Trek the other night & I must say it wasn’t easy to do this post.  At first, I was thinking, “Oh no!  I should definitely consider the tiniest details & rules the movie has because of its super obsessed fandom!” just in case someone from there accidentally stumbles upon this comic.  Then I realized, what was more difficult was trying not to Google Chris Pine,watch Chris Pine interviews while doing this post! 😛  I’ve been a Chris Pine fan since his appearance on Princess Diaries. Haha. *Now I totally sound like a teenager.*  Anyway, somewhere between watching the Starship Enterprise fall from the sky into some fluffy clouds and wondering if this was the most dramatic Star Trek movie ever made (I needed a board to count how many times all the leading men cried), here are five things you would have probably wished for after watching Star Trek! 🙂 

Googly Gooeys Things You Wish For After Watching Star Trek 1) Have your car drive at warp speed. "Yikes! I forgot something at home! I'll be back in a few seconds, okay?" "Sure!" 2) The ability to teleport anyone or anything. "Woohoo! I have successfully beamed my cookies!" 3) Be void of feelings & be nothing but logical when needed "I said I'm breaking up with you!? Why aren't you reacting." "I choose not to feel" 4) Have the courage to follow your gut feeling. "My gut feels we need some pizza right now." "I said gut feel not what your tummy feels." 5) Stun anyone who is annoying you. "Now I can get back to work! Whew!"

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