Cutting Machine Differences: Cricut Maker 3 and Brother Scan N Cut SDX1200

Our frequently asked questions always revolve around 3 things: cutting machines, printing and colors. Today, we're tackling one of our most requested topics. What's the difference between the Cricut Maker 3 and the Brother Scan N Cut SDX1200? Which should I get? Is...

Cricut Project: DIY Pet Charms (How to Engrave on Metal )

Hello! We're back with another engraving project. Remember when we made engraved acrylic keychains with our Cricut Maker? This time, we tried it on stainless steel and made some charms for our furry friends! Want to know how it went? Read on for the step by step...

Cricut Project: Unicorn Gradient Paper Gems (Free Printable)

It's no secret that our team loves color and geometric shapes. In fact, we've made versions of these paper gems a lot in the past (as seen here and here). Today, we're making them with our Cricut machine + our unicorn gradient prints which features our favorite shades...

Cricut Project: BTS Permission to Dance Felt Buntings (How to Cut Felt)

"I wanna dance the music's got me going. Ain't nothing that can stop how we move..." Can you guess what we're making? BTS Permission to Dance felt buntings! Here's another tutorial from the team using felt and our Cricut Maker. The team has been talking about Bangtan...

Cricut Project: XOXO Buntings Banner (Printable + Cut File)

Whether it's Valentines, a bachelorette party, a birthday bash or just because, these XOXO buntings (aka banners or banderitas) would make your hearts flutter! You'll be surprised how easy it is to make with regular scissors and some yarn or if available, a...
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