Googly Gooeys Post Workout Resolutions come fixed
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Post-Workout Resolutions

My friend once called me & asked why do I keep posting things & making it look like I’m the happiest person on the internet?  I told him, “You don’t understand.  Can’t you see the issues beneath the colorfulness?”  I didn’t have a better answer then but now I do.  You see, I just really

Googly Gooeys Reasons Why You Have a Tummy Ache
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Reasons Why You Have a Tummy Ache

It’s probably not the most glamorous or lunch-friendly thing to admit but now & then, Ponggo & I get tummy aches.  For one, he has a very sensitive tummy that can only handle uber uber clean water and not too much oil.  He also looooves chili.  Too bad, his body is not a fan. On

Googly Gooeys Help Me

Help Me

I’ve been trying to curtail my consumption of chocolates for days now. It wasn’t that easy. I would find myself still desperately searching for chocolates.  I just realized how much my body depended on it for an energy boost & umm…happiness! 🙂 Trying to be healthier (and I don’t know how long this will last),

Googly Gooeys How Do I Love Thee

How Do I Love Thee? + Where To Go This Weekend

I don’t know how I can ever escape the topic of food.  For the past couple of weeks, I wrote about why I’m fat, struggled with my diet, and asked if I really looked fat.  Even our supposed technologically inclined entry is still an ode to food!  My friend once told me (as well as

Googly Gooeys This Is Why Im Fat

This is Why I am Fat

If there are two things that I really need to enroll myself in right now, they would probably be: 1) Yoga classes for inner peace & less fats in the inner thighs and 2) Chocoholics Anonymous–or something like it. “Hello! My name is Tipsy!” “Today, I successfully walked away from a convenience store while I

Googly Gooeys Not Eating

I’m on a Diet! + Flight 001 has landed!

I think the problem with saying “I’m NOT going to eat” so many times is that what registers in your brain is the last word and not the verb.  Anyone with me in this struggle?   Is this true or is it just true?  The other day, as I was about to get up, I

Googly Gooeys Am I Fat

Am I Fat?

Every time I hear the word “riddle”, the first word that comes to mind is “Sphinx”.  According to the myth, those who cannot answer her question end up suffering.  Fast-forward to the modern day and voila, there are no sphinxes waiting to devour us if we fail.  However, questions that we dare not answer still

Googly Gooeys You Must Be A Minion
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The Minion Quiz: You Must Be a Minion If…

Finally!  In the middle of my crazy week, Ponggo has convinced me to step out of my lair and bring back a bit of sanity into my life. Through time, I have learned that aside from not choosing to sacrifice sleep, the other way to cope with stress is to insert a break–some guilt-free time

Googly Gooeys Why Ill Never Be a Food Blogger
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Why I’ll Never Be a Food Blogger + Laduree,Din Tai Fung & Tonkichi Tonkatsu

Since Ponggo & I have been sharing pictures from events & travels lately, we were thinking, we should probably expand it to sharing our gastronomical escapades. So we tried.  However, 70% of the time, we were busy eating—sometimes even to the point of not talking—just plain hungry after hours and hours of walking, exploring &

Googly Gooeys 4 Types of Hungry
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Four Types of Hunger

Almost every day I find myself browsing my Instagram feed.  Aside from designers, I also try to follow food bloggers like @ladyironchef & @talesfromthetummy.  Since they post lots of food porn, I no longer know if I’m really legitimately hungry–not that I’d be breaking any laws according to the constitution.  I wish that my type

Googly Gooeys The Salad Diet

The Salad Diet

I don’t know what is it with me these days.  I’m constantly craving for leafy greens.  I actually think I’m turning into a rabbit as I’ve tweeted some days ago. I think I’m turning into a rabbit. I’m craving for leafy greens everyday ???????????? — Googly Gooeys (@googlygooeys) April 28, 2013 *How redundant can I

Googly Gooeys Pool Party

Pool Party + Our ChurpChurp Billboard

Last week, we dropped by a Phili Cheese Steak place after a party and some friends were talking about an upcoming pool party.  As our sandwiches were being served, I asked, “Wait, why are we eating this if we’re having a pool party? Shouldn’t we be dieting instead?” Then,Richard replied, “Well, we need to keep

Googly Gooeys Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts & the Googly Gooey Plushie Keychains

As the song goes, ♩♪♫♬ Oh the truth hurts! The lies worse! ♩♪♫♬  Well, that has been my theme song lately.  Nope, not for my married life but for my relationship with the weighing scale.  Ever since I injured my knees, I’ve been in a losing battle to keep that number from going up.  I’m so tired

Googly Gooeys Zero Calories May29

Zero Calories

You may or may not have probably noticed that a recent post was about counting calories. My friends and I each have created an account on My Fitness Pal. The thing is, we’re always together on food trips: from pizza nights, Japanes food, Chinese food, street food, or just plain ol’ fast food happiness, we’re

Googly Gooeys Calorie Counting

Calorie Counting

My tummy’s sensitive to coffee and I find blended drinks too cold so I always end up ordering a cup of iced chocolate. For some reason, I never really thought of opting for non-fat milk until the barista offered it. I gladly said yes but I always can’t seem to let go of the whipped

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