Happy 4th Birthday to the Googly Gooeys! :)

Happy 4th Birthday to the Googly Gooeys!  Four years ago today, (and I totally sound like a historian slash grandparent,)   I was having such a bad afternoon.   I sat down and tinkered with my laptop and played around with this circle and started pushing it in random directions.  It looked like a blob of goo so I gave it eyes, eyebrows, hands & feet.   The first set of Googly Gooeys were created & uploaded that night on my personal Multiply site.   Looking for the real birthday of our blog is very tricky as we opted to take “blogging” seriously (my definition of which years ago was uploading a picture on Tumblr as regularly as possible) more than a year after the characters were made.  So, yeah…every year, I get to relive that bad day.  😛

Tipsy & Ponggo Lying Down on a Colorful Cake

While some people draw in red and black to express their darker emotions,  I don’t know what is it with me: for such a cynical, worrywart, eternally stressed & depressed individual, I always manage to churn out happy sappy colors, patterns & posts. 😛 Doncha worry.   I won’t narrate to you the characters’ history as if I’m going to quiz you at the end of this post.   If you have more time, click here to read the rest of the story.  (Note Well: Brace yourself for a novel in blogging proportions.)

Tipsy on a Colorful Paper Cake

Well, this cake wasn’t supposed to be for the Googly Gooeys.  It was supposed to be for another project which I will be revealing soon.  However, the deadline has been postponed so I felt that I could play around with them paper cakes! 🙂  *Insert evil grin here.*  If you’ve been following @googlygooeys on Instagram, you probably already saw the cakes here & here. Yep.  It’s a cake alright but it wasn’t necessarily a piece of cake to make mostly because I had two other ideas before this which I spent so much time on and eventually rejected.  (Sadly, my biggest critic & enemy is myself.)   I initially wanted to make paper cupcakes which looked like a tiny village then paper macarons, paper plates and high tea stuff with muted, Victorian era inspired colors but no ho ho ho ho…I still ended up with bright colors–my first love.   

Ponggo Swimming on His Birthday Cake

Have your cake & eat it swim in it too!

Googlygooeys' Tipsy as a Cake Topper

I wanted to put the flaglets on the cake but then I ended up letting Tipsy & Ponggo hold them instead.  Ponggo thinks they look as if they’re starting some unknown revolution as we took turns in taking pictures of the plushies.  If you have keen eyes, you would’ve spotted the difference between the flaglet here & on the second picture 🙂

Googly Gooeys Colorful Paper Cake

Ahh…Yes, I believe I have developed an addiction for those origami cubes. I know they’re not necessarily your typical ornament at home but it’s just fun to do and it’s a good way to add a pop of color especially if you think your TV is too black and that your wall’s too white! (Then again, it might just be me and my propensity to clutter every space with every bright color possible).

Googlygooeys' Ponggo sliding down the cake

Yes, I know the yellow & black slice looks like an abstraction of cheese more than anything else and deserves a caption “Who moved my cheese?” instead of “Let them eat cake!”

We shot this set on our bare couch while laughing at the fact that for such a small space that we have, we still somehow manage to find different textures and backgrounds within our tiny home 🙂

(…and I just realized I’m totally veering away from the main topic)

(…and that I have abused the use of parenthetical phreases &  ellipsis………………. *Hmp. Take that and here’s more………* )

(…and that I still don’t have a decent transition to conclude this post!)

(…and that I shouldn’t start my sentences with “and that”)

(…and that if I keep on doing this to myself, I’ll never finish this post)

Anyway, happy birthday to zem googly booglies! 🙂 (Nope. That wasn’t a typo.)  Ahhh..Time flies (and that was totally a cliche).  When we were starting out,we didn’t actually know how this thing will turn out except that I just felt I wanted to do this and I wanted to share this with as much people as I can.  So, I guess, today is a bittersweet reminder for all of us to continue making time for the stuff that makes us happy.  🙂 Things may not make any sense in the beginning and it may not eventually be at par with society’s cookie cutter definition of happiness or success but we only have one life to live and nothing makes us feel more alive than doing the things we love?

Happy birthday to  Tipsy & Ponggo! 😀

P.S. Ahh..Wish we had more time to shoot & prepare more plushie posts but meanwhile, you can check out which plushie post you’ve missed here:

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Tipsy & Ponggo Keychains! 🙂

P.P.S. For those who have been asking, yes, we ship worldwide & you can order your own set of Tipsy & Ponggo plushies here. (Yes, yes, we’re STILL working on our online shop and it’s long overdue *ducks & hides*.)

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11 years ago

Happy 4th birthday Googly Gooeys! Tipsy & Pong! More birthdays please! 🙂

Cym Marzan
11 years ago

That cake would be a myriad of flavours, if it were real (including cheese), teehee! And having the cake still with you is perfect for your birthday post! Happy birthday!

11 years ago

Happy Birthday to U, HAppy Birthday to U,
happy birthday to dear GoOgLy GoOeYs…
Happy Birthday to Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!

May U have many such bad afternoons ;))

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