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This one’s dedicated to those who are addicted to Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga et cetera and to the girlfriends, wives, friends, housemates & relatives who have temporarily lost their loved ones to these games!

Googly Gooeys A Gamer's Newfound Appreciation for: Heavy Traffic: "Bad traffic? Bring it on! Woohoo! More time for games! Flight Delays: 6-hour flight delay? No problem! I have a date with my phone! Constipation: Yesss! More time to hog the toilet seat! no one can dethrone me today! Downloading Big Files: "It's okay internet. Take your sweet time. I'm doing something else."

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section Colorful Finds in Hong Kong





[Unecessary Note: I’m actually having some difficulty typing.  My pinky hurts.   I think I must’ve twisted a vein or something.   It was getting better and better during the past few days until someone shook my hand sincerely last night–and SQUEEZED it! Ouch!  I just checked our schedule and we will be meeting some new people in the next couple of days.  For the first time, I really hope that no one is un/kind enough to squeeze my hand if and when they decide to shake it.  Maybe I should put a band aid there as a warning.   Maybe I should put an X mark.  It’s my right hand that’s ailing & society isn’t really fond of using the left hand for these things. (Notice how much I’ve actually typed even with a sore finger–ahh…my mind’s too talkative!)]


As promised, here’s part two of the photos from the recent Hong Kong trip.  If you missed part one, click here. 🙂 As we were walking towards Cath Kidston, I looked up and I saw this interesting furniture store which had a trailer façade.  The name of the store is catchy enough:  Here are some items I’ve stumbled upon. 🙂

Wall Decals, Homeless.HK

“Boo!”, said the decals on one of their doors.   I took a photo of this because I know Ponggo will find them cute.  If you ever meet Ponggo you might not sense it right away but he is such a sucker for cute stuff!  Haha.


Surrealist Magnets, Homeless HK

I’m just amused by the product name Surrealist Magnets.  The name compels me to use them in a sentence!   I can’t wait for the day that I’ll tell a parent, “I want to give your kids some surrealist magnets to play with” while impersonating Salvador Dali.

Sardine PaperClips at Homeless HK

Sardine clips anyone?  I’ve seen cat & dog-shaped clips in the past.  Why is everyone hopping on to this dog & cat bandwagon? Anyone willing to give sardines a chance? 🙂


If there’s one thing I’ve discovered about traveling alone (and I know I’m stating the super obvious), it’s that you’d have soooo much time to look around.  I plotted this “Macaron Road’ on my map–a silk road parody and a sweet one at that.  I budgeted two days for it.  I didn’t know that I can visit all the macaron places all in one day!   Jean Paul Hevin is not as heavily hashtagged & advertised in this side of the world but if you’re into dark chocolates, you  should give it a try. One of its branches is in the touristy Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui) 😉

Giant MT Washi Tapes, Hong Kong

I also stumbled upon what may look like candles but these are the giant counterparts of washi tapes.  It’s the MT Casa Collection.  This is washi taping fun taken to the next level–for zeh home!  If you want to know how tiny their regular-sized cousins are, click here.

Ikea Fabrics, Hong Kong

Then there’s my other love.  I wish I actually had projects to work with that would allow me to work with these fabrics!  I love the fabrics at IKEA.  I also love hoarding their organizers.  Our house is one big mess at the moment and I’m hoping that organizers will be the key to a better life!  I know I’m so dramatic about it.  I easily get stressed when the place I’m working with is a mess.  I’m okay with creating a mess while working but if it’s a mess all week, I get crazy.

Anyway, enough of the talk.  Hope you enjoyed another episode of Tipsy Finds Colorful Stuff Wherever She Goes.  ‘Til the next trip! 🙂


Tipsy ❤

P.S. More colorful photos from previous trips here:
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