What People Don’t Say About Mondays

Googly Gooeys What People Don't Say About Mondays "I don't get it. Why do people have the Monday blues?" "Oh Monday! I'm so glad you're here! I've been waiting for you all week!" "Ahh...nothing beats the feeling of waking up early on a Monday morning!" "I love Mondays! TGIM! Somebody should make #TGIM trend!" "Why don't people show some appreciation for the most misunderstood & least loved day of the week?"

Every Friday, you’ll see your social networking feeds being deluged with lines like, “I love Fridays!” “Hooray! It’s Friday!” or “Hello Friday!”.  Why don’t people actually ever greet Mondays?   If the days of the week were in one school, Friday would be the pop kid and Monday will be the awkward outcast suffering from low self-esteem having self-pity for breakfast.  *I should actually add ‘personifying lifeless things’ to my list of hobbies*  Then again, asking why no one loves Mondays is like asking why people walk instead of float or swim on l’air.

More than 12 hours from now, it’ll be another start of the week and around 8 hours from now, as soon as the sun sets, everyone will have to start to say good bye to the weekend again!  However, what is life without contrasts? *Since when did we get philosophical anyway?* We always have to thank boring sleepy Mondays for its existence, otherwise, crazy Fridays won’t be as crazy (even if it means it’s just you, your phone & Candy Crush Saga…and yes, it’ll be crazy because after spending days and days getting stuck in one level, you’ll finally be able to move on to the next) and happy weekends meant for oversleeping won’t be as precious if it didn’t have something like a miserable Monday to compare it with 😉


Tipsy ❤

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Cym Marzan
11 years ago

I like your analogy of Fridays and Mondays being kids at school. Poor Monday!

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