Yes, Yes, Yes!

Googly Gooeys Yes Yes Yes "would you like some doughnuts?" "Yes." "How about some coffee?" "Yes." "Chocolate chip cookie?" "Yes." "How about some French Fries?" "Yes." "Do you think I'm fat?" "Yes, yes, yes." "What?" "Oh. I meant no. Hehehe. No, no, no."

Have you ever been asked the same question over and over, eventually, absent-mindedly, you had to give a standard answer?

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile This Week on Instagram





As much as I’d like to call it “This Week on Instagram”.  When I checked the dates of the photos, it turns out to be more of “This Fortnight on
Instagram“. Here’s a quick sneak peak at what happens behind the scenes at the Googly HQ. I love it when our friends call it “Googly Headquarters” when in fact it’s just a tiny space in the air somewhere and apparently, it’s also our humble colorful messy home. Hehe 🙂 Anyway, here’s a brief round up:
This Week_Fortnight on Instagram

Upper Left: I’ve been doing designs & lay-outs for weddings and this is for one of the brides with a Kate Spade themed wedding 🙂

Upper Right: You had me at hello eclairs!

Lower Left: Bought a new brush pen & doodled allover my Spellbound Notebook!  Aww…It’s so sweet of to have featured it on their blog 🙂

Lower Right: The last leg of another project.  These are photo booth templates for GlitzyCam, a photo booth desktop app which allows you to take pictures from the comforts of your home. No need to hire the entire photo booth caravan! 🙂

Feel free to stalk follow us on Instagram (@googlygooeys) for more behind-the-scenes photos 😀

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