4 Pics 1 Word…or Something Like It

Googly Gooeys 4 Pics, 1 Word (Or Something Like It) "Can you guess the word that describes all pictures?" "Alright." "I..." "M..." "Bre-break-breaking..." "You're good at this!" "Up..." "Width? With?" "Go on..." "You!: "You're breaking up with me?" "I always wanted to tell you but I just had to be creative about it!"How many of you have found themselves addicted to 4 Pics 1 Word?
Now, how many of you actually Googled the answers just so that you didn’t have to lose a point?
On the other hand, these days, people are so caught up about having the perfect and most creative, talked about proposal complete with videographers and or a website.  How about break ups?  I wonder if people have actually brainstormed about the perfect break up? The documented type? 🙂 Anyone? 🙂

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11 years ago

Yay! You finally posted it! 😀 There was a big change in your intended layout but I think it suits the comic more. <3 I still can't get over this even after it's posted. XD

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