Ms. Diagnosis, Godiva Soft Serve Ice Cream & More Happy Discoveries!


Googly Gooeys Ms. Diagnosis "I'm not feeling well." "Why? Do you lack sleep?" "Nope. I had 8 hours of sleep last night." "Have you been skipping meals?" "Nope. Not at all." "Are you stressed out about anything?" "Maybe I'm miserable because I haven't had chocolates in the past 24 hours."

And, just like in school, here are some guide questions for our new post:

1. Do you love chocolates so much that when you don’t get to have them in a day or in a week you get cranky?
2. What are the useless props in this comic which is not at all related to the comics?
3. Do you like the background colors in this post or do you prefer the one here?
4. Can you find more cartoons that features the Pantone card as a prop? Where did this Pantone palette first appear & in what year? 😉

You have 5 minutes to answer these questions.  You have to pass your papers to the front once the time is up! Don’t forget to put your class number, name & section on the upper left! 😛

Seriously though, here are more cartoons about food:
Sugar Rush
Food Pictures: Taste Versus Presentation
Four Types of Hunger
5 Good Things About Breakfast
Alternative Excuses for Gaining Weight
Sweet Things That Start With C


Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Hong Kong Food & Art





I’m back in Hong Kong and this time with my tour guide (and apparently hubby) Ponggo.  Here’s a quick round up of some colorful & happy stuff from day 1!

01 ArtRam Shelters Hong Kong

These are the paintings of Alice Lai Nga -Yu at the Ting-ting (Tram) stop in Wan Chai.  What a smart idea!  Hopefully, we could have local exhibits like these along the road–so that art is more accessible to everyone.

Citisuper Nirvana Icons Packaging

We passed by Citisuper very quickly.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but sometimes, when I go to supermarkets, I end up treating it as a museum by carefully inspecting the packaging designs & the palette used instead of actually finding out what the product is all about.  Haha.  I guess this is just a reminder that inspiration is everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Godiva Soft Serve, IFC Mall, Hong Kong

We also went to the IFC Mall and as I’ve posted earlier on Instagram, this is something everyone should try.  It’s your rich & yummy Godiva soft serve ice cream.  It was actually the highlight of our day!  We almost forgot how humid & hot Hong Kong is at this time of the year! Hihi.  We actually plan to go back again tomorrow to try some of their drinks. (Diet? What diet??) 

Bookstore Covers Collage

We also went to a couple of bookstores and above  are some cover inspirations.  I don’t know what’s up with me & colorful geometric shapes these days.

Clouds Before Landing Hong Kong

Finally, here are the clouds that greeted us yesterday morning!  If pop corn & cotton candy had kids, this is probably what they’d look like, don’t you think?  Well, I’m hoping to be able to find more happy discoveries with you guys in the next few days.  ‘Til then! 🙂


Tipsy ❤

P.S. If you missed out on the previous colorful posts, here are the links:
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10 years ago

Those paintings! *Q* It reminds me of candy crush. Lol

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