Googly Gooeys Why Designing Is Like Taking a Shit

Why Designing is Like Taking a Sh**

Once I heard on Project Runway that designing is like giving birth t o a child & you’ll never know if it will be accepted & who s/he’ll be hanging out with.  I guess it’s also like having to do #2.  Find out why designing is like taking a sh**–> More Comics About Toilets here: […]

Googly Gooeys Worst Places to Fart
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Five Worst Places to Fart

So I was thinking of hopping on that shiny shimmery red bandwagon of posting something about the upcoming V-day.  I was supposed to come up with “How People Profess Their Love” or “PDA: Then & Now”, but no.  Ponggo kept on insisting on his ten day old e-mail (Yes, I ask him to e-mail me

Googly Gooeys Important Call1
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An Important Call

Usually, we have the option to answer a call or not. Then again, if it’s an important call–especially from nature–we simply can’t refuse! More bathroom & phone call toons here: How People Answer Calls When They’ve Just Woken Up Calling Each Other Back The Toothpaste Issue Smartphones in Bathrooms Singing Inside The Bathroom: Expectations vs.

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Toothpaste Issues: How People Squeeze Their Toothpaste

Toothpaste Issues! Toothpaste Issues: As a newly married couple, this is what we’re dealing with right now.  I used to have my own bathroom and there was no one to complain about how I squeezed my toothpaste tube.  Well, yes, occasionally my parents would complain about it but I didn’t act on it since I

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Smartphones in Bathrooms

Smartphones in Bathrooms: Thanks or no thanks to smartphones, people now spend more time on the toilet seat! Instead of taking the cue from their digestive system as to when to leave the toilet, they stay longer unecessarily until they’re done no thanks to the fact that smartphones are brought to bathrooms.

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