Googly Gooeys Youre My Flashlight
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You’re My Flashlight!

We watched Pitch Perfect some couple of weeks ago and this has been on repeat ever since. I was thinking of doing some version of illustrated lyrics like I used to here: Rolling in the Deep by Adele Hey Soul Sister by Train But, for this one, I just wanted to focus on these lines:

GG How Come You Dont Have a BF GF anindittaaa
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Eight Responses to Why Are You Single

As you know, the real-life couple behind the Googly Gooeys is married. *Oh wait, why am I talking about myself in the third person?* Anyway, these days, the usual question we get is “When are you having kids?” or “Are you pregnant?” So, we needed to rely on you dear Googly readers to refresh our memory since

Googly Gooeys An Honest Relationship
GOOGLY GOOEYS, relationship

On Easter Eggs & Relationships

13 years ago today, Ponggo and I discovered we were each other’s crush.  Locally, you would call it MU which is short for Mutual Understanding.  (So kids, what do you call it these days?)  Anyway, at that time, we were both completing our practicum.  He was always so sweet.  He would always ask me if

Googly Gooeys Full Moon

Full Moon

I was driving home today & saw a full moon!  I was such a wreck a couple of weeks ago but today, I was just crazy happy for no reason.  Maybe my mood has something to do with the moon.  I was thinking of sharing this story with Ponggo but I’m pretty sure all he

Googly Gooeys Fickle Fickle Me 2
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Fickle Fickle Me

This is the downside of letting your heart decide on things that involve logistics & logic. It gets pretty…hmm…tippy.  Now I know why I earned that nickname IRL. 😛 Tippy apparently means unstable.  That is, not to be confused with Tipsy which I earned from some other life event. Anyway, This is how Ponggo &

Googly Gooeys Forgiving Forgetting
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Forgive and Forget

So I was having a conversation with my dad the other day.  I noticed that our lines were familiar.  It’s practically an old discussion repeating itself.  I told him, “Why are you so kind? You always forget what they’ve done to you!?”  I told him to forgive but never forget.  Well, of course, I sounded

Googly Gooeys Worst Case Scenario
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Worst Case Scenario

For the nth time, while watching a documentary, I blurted out my usual line “What if there are snakes?”  Ponggo hates me for this.  I don’t know why this is my default question whenever he brings up the topic of plants, hiking, forest & desert. Hehehehe.  Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy hiking.  Once

Flipagram Happy 5th Birthday 2 Preview for Instagram
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Happy 5th Birthday Googly Gooeys!

Every time April 26 approaches, I panic a bit.  I don’t know what to write about.  I’m done going through the lengthy history of how the Googly Gooeys came about and doing something similar each year would be boring.  I also don’t know if I should stop explaining that April 26, 2009 was the evening that

Googly Gooeys How We Watched Captain America
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How We Watched Captain America The Winter Soldier

No spoilers, don’t worry. 😉 The other night, Ponggo & I just felt that my brain was fried from all the things I’ve been busy with the past few days. So, the other night, he invited me to watch Chris Evans Captain America The Winter Soldier.  We’re always very excited about superhero movies 🙂 If you

Googly Gooeys Soft Sell Versus Hard Sell
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Soft Sell Versus Hard Sell

A cousin of mine would sit down & talk to me for an hour about a new beauty product, its benefits, why, why, why I should buy it and why it’s better compared to the other brands I use.  I would laugh & tease her. “You sound like a salesperson and to think you’re not

Googly Gooeys A Taste of Life

A Taste of Life & the INK Fest 2013

A Taste of Life This is dedicated to our good friend Aina who wrote “I can almost taste the weekend” on her status last Thursday to which I responded, “Really? How does it taste like?”.  Thank you for your patience when I take everything too literally.  Thank you too for being there for me when I

Googly Gooeys Appreciation
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Appreciating Things

Earlier this year, Mikey, Ponggo & I were busy working on this animated clip.  We were so engrossed and so deeply absorbed into what we were doing to the point that no one was talking to each other.  However, from time to time, we would hear Mikey say, “Oh man! This is just soooo awesome!”

Googly Gooeys Yes Yes Yes
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Yes, Yes, Yes!

Have you ever been asked the same question over and over, eventually, absent-mindedly, you had to give a standard answer? P.S. More Yes & No cartoons here: Saying Yes (and Learning How to Say No) 5 Ways to Say NO When She Says Yes, She Means No P.S. Don’t forget to follow the Googly Gooeys

Googly Gooeys Short Lived Apology
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Short-Lived Apology

Hello, hello!  We’re back once again!  Ponggo & I had a tough but very productive and fulfilling working weekend.  We ended it nicely with a filling dinner and a quick skate at the rink.  Since were were sleep-deprived and tired by Sunday night, we were didn’t necessarily in the cheeriest of dispositions.  [May I also

Googly Gooeys The End is Near
GOOGLY GOOEYS, relationship

The End is Near

The end is near! Then again,  maybe not  😉 Well, whaddya know? I just realized that the already have a handful of entries about farts: Five Worst Places to Fart Fact of the Day #107: Some facts about farts. Silent vs. Loud That moment when you exit the bathroom and… I always thought that we already

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