Googly Gooeys Buyers Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse

I don’t often talk about this here but before I started blogging, I was actually in the corporate world.  I spent less than three years there but I wasn’t able to save properly.  I realized, my earnings always went to coffee, a good lunch and monthly rewards for myself like dresses and things that are […]

Googly Gooeys I Think Im Tired

I Think I am Tired

When we’re out of the country, Ponggo’s the type who walks like a robot.  As it seems, he never gets tired especially when it’s around 10 degrees or lower.  He’d be sweet enough to go with me to art supply shops & bookstores. He’d take me to colorful furniture stores. However, when it’s his turn

Googly Gooeys Analog Versus Digital 450 pixels
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Digital Goes Analog, Analog Goes Digital

  For the longest time, everyone has been trying to create the smallest music players, digital cameras with the highest number of megapixels and the fastest & most affordable laptops. But, what’s happening now? There seems to be a newfound appreciation for retro things ( and yup, I’m guilty of it ). Example No. 1:

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My Colorful Online Shopping Wish List

  Thanks or no thanks to the Instagram accounts that I browse, I end up wanting to buy lots & lots of stuff. *Oopsies!*  I’ve always wanted to come up with a chart of sorts & I finally found the time.  Here’s my colorful online shopping wish list: Kate Spade Saturday’s Cubic Zippered Pouch—I can’t

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How People Shop

My cousins and I talked about how people shopped and we’ve summed it up to this cartoon. Is this how some people you know shop? Related Post: Buyer’s Remorse Our Favorite Shopping Places in Hong Kong Who Shops More My Colorful Online Shopping Wish List Shopping Dilemmas

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