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About the Googly Gooeys

Welcome to the world of the Googly Gooeys where the real-life couple Tipsy, the pink goo & Ponggo, the blue goo, share their random musings. GooglyGooeys.com initially started out as a comic blog run by two and eventually evolved into an art & design team from the Philippines that loves exploring all things fun & colorful.

GooglyGooeys.com has also graced the pages of books, newspapers, blogs and magazines here and around the world.  It has also garnered local and international blog awards and nominations since it started in 2009. The couple has also been interviewed about their craft in various major local shows.

The Googly Gooeys released their first ever travel coloring book last 2015.  They’ve been holding workshops in various venues: online & offline from time to time. Sign up for a workshop here or check out the list of events here.  Get to know more about the Googly Gooeys by clicking on the GooglyGooeys’ FAQ’s , Media or visiting the Googly Gooeys Folio.

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About the Googly Family:


Tippy, the color addict, is a freelance lay-out artist, cartoonist and photographer.  She graduated with a degree in Management Engineering from the Ateneo de Manila University but spent most of her college years doing comics and cartoony illustrations for various organizations.

She’s happy to bring to the blog everything she’s passionate about backed up by the things she learned from her brief corporate stint in marketing, sales & trade marketing dealing with various brands in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

She claims that she can easily cut down on her rice as long as you don’t take away her daily dose of chocolates.  Find out what she’s addicted up to these days by following her on Instagram.

P.S. Her favorite color isn’t pink.  Actually, she loves all bright & happy colors but she plucked out the pink & blue characters from the original rainbow Googly Gooey line-up just because she thought they were the ones with the most personality.  Realizing that the two characters could be a guy & a girl, she instantly named them after their silliest real-life nicknames with the pink one named Tipsy.


Pong is the one responsible for fueling the mischievous spirit of this blog. He’s the inspiration for the blue character Ponggo as he also sports that toothy grin in real life. Pong met Tippy back in college and also graduated with a degree in Management Engineering with a minor in Finance.

Aside from being the blog manager who sets the general direction and pace for the blog, he also spends most of his time on his businesses (and umm…Clash of Clans).  He is also a freelance photographer who can’t live without beef for a day and is very picky with his food.  What Pong up to? Check out his Instagram.P.S. Ponggo’s favorite color isn’t blue.  It’s orange.

The Googly couple welcomed Riley last December 2015.  Riley is an expressive kid who loves to eat, dance and charm his grandparents, and the Googly team he refers to as titas and titos.  Get to know more about Riley in the posts tagged #HälloRiley on Instagram & Twitter.

The Team

Over the years, the Googly Gooeys have expanded into a team of creative individuals who do multi-media projects from arts and crafts, packaging design, book illustrations, murals and installations, graphics, video, photography, styling, workshops and events, social media consultancy, live videos, and more! Feel free to send us an email at ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com and we might have something you need! We promise fun and color. Always.

Our Shop

We’ve always been asked about our favorite arts and crafts supplies, products and materials so we thought we’d personally curate, test and offer our most recommended ones! We’ve also released special and limited-edition merch and collabs. Our dedicated shop team is always a chat away to assist you. You may browse our entire collection at the Official Googly Shop and in our Shopee and Lazada stores.

Find the Googly Gooeys here:
For Design Inquiries:

Shoot as an e-mail at ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com and let’s bring your ideas to life!

For Shop-Related Inquiries:

Send us a message via our shop’s Facebook Page (fb.com/shopgooglygooeys). Our dedicated team can assist your concerns faster through chat. Got other concerns that need to be e-mailed? Send it to hello[at]googlygooeys[dot]com. Thank you!

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