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Happy Pi Day!

Look who’s on a blogging spree after being absent for more than a week here? Yes, as promised, this is not at all dramatic compared to the last one. Today is the 14th day of March (i.e. 3.14) which means it’s International Pi Day–the 16th character of the Greek alphabet & the ratio of a

Googly Gooeys Midnight Snack Dilemma revised
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Midnight Snack Dilemma & Some Happy Discoveries

Especially on Friday nights, while everyone is probably partying the hours away, I always end up sleeping super early.  It’s almost always unplanned. I’m just toooo tired & I just find myself reading or scrolling through my Instagram account. Next thing I know, it’s 2 or 3am. I am awake and my tummy is grumbling

Googly Gooeys Post Workout Resolutions come fixed
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Post-Workout Resolutions

My friend once called me & asked why do I keep posting things & making it look like I’m the happiest person on the internet?  I told him, “You don’t understand.  Can’t you see the issues beneath the colorfulness?”  I didn’t have a better answer then but now I do.  You see, I just really

Googly Gooeys Reasons Why You Have a Tummy Ache
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Reasons Why You Have a Tummy Ache

It’s probably not the most glamorous or lunch-friendly thing to admit but now & then, Ponggo & I get tummy aches.  For one, he has a very sensitive tummy that can only handle uber uber clean water and not too much oil.  He also looooves chili.  Too bad, his body is not a fan. On

Googly Gooeys Signs That Youre a Foodie2450

Our Awesome Planet Guest Post: 5 Signs That You’re a Foodie

We were so thrilled when Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, an award-winning food blogger,  invited us to do a guest blog post on his website.  Anton is the organizer of Mercato Centrale, an outdoor market located in Bonifacio Global City, inspired by the outdoor markets of London & Florence.   Anton initially started blogging

Googly Gooeys How Do I Love Thee

How Do I Love Thee? + Where To Go This Weekend

I don’t know how I can ever escape the topic of food.  For the past couple of weeks, I wrote about why I’m fat, struggled with my diet, and asked if I really looked fat.  Even our supposed technologically inclined entry is still an ode to food!  My friend once told me (as well as

Googly Gooeys This Is Why Im Fat

This is Why I am Fat

If there are two things that I really need to enroll myself in right now, they would probably be: 1) Yoga classes for inner peace & less fats in the inner thighs and 2) Chocoholics Anonymous–or something like it. “Hello! My name is Tipsy!” “Today, I successfully walked away from a convenience store while I

Googly Gooeys Where Is Your Heart
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Where Is Your Heart?

My friend shared how good it felt to follow one’s heart & this was my response.  Anyway, I was just scrolling through all the files & searching for the latest post & I just realized we have a lot of entries that start with who, what, when, where, how & why!  Read on & review

Googly Gooeys Not Eating

I’m on a Diet! + Flight 001 has landed!

I think the problem with saying “I’m NOT going to eat” so many times is that what registers in your brain is the last word and not the verb.  Anyone with me in this struggle?   Is this true or is it just true?  The other day, as I was about to get up, I

Googly Gooeys Am I Fat

Am I Fat?

Every time I hear the word “riddle”, the first word that comes to mind is “Sphinx”.  According to the myth, those who cannot answer her question end up suffering.  Fast-forward to the modern day and voila, there are no sphinxes waiting to devour us if we fail.  However, questions that we dare not answer still

Googly Gooeys That Moment When Your Fave Food is Out of Stock

That Moment When… & The Design Taxi Feature

This post is dedicated to my favorite bar of chocolates: During the past two weeks, I noticed that my go-to gas station doesn’t have any stock of my favorite bar of dark chocolate! I know the temporary absence of chocolate won’t kill me and that I’m just over reacting by dedicating a few hours of

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