Googly Gooeys 5 Stages of Anger
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5 Stages of Anger

The other day, I was busy fixing some quirks on this website.  It felt like such a chore.  It required me to visit most of our old posts. Anyway, as usual, I’d easily get lost and distracted and I would start reading older entries.  Some would make me cringe I want to delete the whole […]

Googly Gooeys 5 Signs That Youre Obsessive Compulsive
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Signs That You’re Obsessive Compulsive

Signs That You’re Obsessive Compulsive: If you ever get to see our house, you know we’re not an obsessive compulsive bunch because it’s always sooo messy.  If you look at my books, they all have these funny random bookmarks, washi tapes, highlights or dog ears–it’s a book lover’s nightmare!  You will also see the same

Googly Gooeys What People Collect

What People Are Collecting These Days

When I was a kid, I would see my cousins collecting all these G.I. Joe action figures, marbles & comic books.   On the other hand, I was busy collecting all those cutesy Kerokerokeroppi stuff.   Years would pass by so slowly & quickly at the same time and voila, our collections are now collecting

Googly Gooeys 4 Types of Hungry
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Four Types of Hunger

Almost every day I find myself browsing my Instagram feed.  Aside from designers, I also try to follow food bloggers like @ladyironchef & @talesfromthetummy.  Since they post lots of food porn, I no longer know if I’m really legitimately hungry–not that I’d be breaking any laws according to the constitution.  I wish that my type

Googly Gooeys Five Kinds of Busy
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The Five Kinds of Busy

Well, first of all, I do miss this coming up with comics in this format.  The sad news is, I don’t think it actually think the horizontal orientation is working well with the website’s new format. Oh well. I’ve put off some schedules because I’m busier than ever in all aspects of my life.  If

Googly Gooeys Entertainment on Youtube1

Entertainment on Youtube

My friend Aina was sharing with me yesterday how amusing the YouTube comments were.   It’s always amazing how people would take time to trash and reply to random strangers and thanks to this, we now have something entertaining to read while we’re: (a) waiting for the video to load (b) waiting for the last

Googly Gooeys Types of Projects Dec10
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Types of Projects Based on How They Start & End

If you’ve been following us on Instagram. you’ll know what projects we’ve been working on in between all the cartoon posts.  And, speaking of projects, through the years, I just realized that there are different types of projects / assignment / work / report–well, stuff to work on in general–based on the path they take!

Googly Gooeys Why Elevators are Like People

Why Elevators are Like People & The Nuffnang Blogopolis

This post is dedicated to @_PurpleRose_ on Twitter–a fellow Rusher & Netizen 😉 I promised her months ago that if I ever come up with an elevator post, I’d dedicate it to her 🙂 Elevators have now become an integral part of my life. *How dramatic and formal!*  Through the years I’ve had (more than)

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