Four Types of Hunger

Googly Gooeys 4 Types of Hunger 1) Legitemately Hungry "I'm hungry. I haven't eaten in days!" 2) Accidentally hungry "Oh no! I forgot to have lunch." 3) Naturally Hungry "Woohoo! I'm so excited for lunch!" 4) Artificially Hungry "I saw pictures of food on Instagram. I'm hungry!"

Almost every day I find myself browsing my Instagram feed.  Aside from designers, I also try to follow food bloggers like @ladyironchef & @talesfromthetummy.  Since they post lots of food porn, I no longer know if I’m really legitimately hungry–not that I’d be breaking any laws according to the constitution.  I wish that my type of hunger would always fall under #2 but I rarely forget to eat.  *Poingk*  Firstly, I can’t because of my hyper-acidity (no thanks to ugly dieting habits in my early life) and secondly, I cease to function when I’m hungry!  Ponggo is always either #2 or #3!

So, how about you? What type of hungry person are you? 🙂

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