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This Coloring Book Understands Your Feelings

I promised myself that as soon as the adult coloring book Around the World with the Googly Gooeys hits bookstores, I’ll be doing a blog post about its lighter side–it being a silly & a talkative 60-page activity-filled title just like its owners. 😀 Around the World with the Googly Gooeys has been released last

Googly Goeys Make Your Day Better
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Free Workshops in Metro Manila

I never took sleep & water seriously until I became a mom.  I didn’t know how much an hour or two of extra snooze time can bring back my sanity.  Then, there’s water–the amount I drink determines how much food I can provide for my little Rye and the state of my health.  Finally, omg…nicely drawn

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Book Signing + Happy 2 Weeks Riley!

Hello guys! 🙂 Thank you so much to all those who already got a copy of our travel coloring book, Around the World with the Googly Gooeys.  Thanks for tagging us in your photos and updating us with the supplies and where you got them. 🙂  Keep on posting them artworks with the #GGcoloringbook hashtag

Googly Gooeys Todays Tasks
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Today’s Tasks

Every morning, I wake up thinking that since there isn’t really much to do since I’m pretty much done with all the workshops, major events and exhibits.  Then, the e-mails come trickling in, I discover that I have to devote so much time or errands while preparing for the baby and work on my last

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Coloring Book Hits Bookstores This Week

Somewhere between waiting to give birth and just having finished a project, I’m actually laughing about the title I just made.  It’s as if I’m doing a feature of a product in the third person. Well, Around the World with the Googly Gooeys will be available in National Bookstore branches this week! 🙂 At first,

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I Should Be Working

The traffic in the Metro has really been crazy.  Last Friday, it took us 2 hours & thirty minutes to traverse 7 kilometers.  Whoaaaa!  A couple of days before that, I ended up spending two hours on what could have been a 40-minute travel. Wahh!  Every single time I’m stuck in that situation, I end

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Our Lucky Day in Rome

As I’m writing this, Ponggo & I just had the craziest December ever. First, we won a couple of tablets (and yes, doncha worry, we will be giving one away soon), at one of the recent Christmas parties, we won a couple of Bingo games and the days before that, we actually won free tickets

Googly Gooeys Big Blog X for Instagram
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Of Wanderlust and the Big Blog Exchange 2014

I’ve always been daydreaming about the day that I would just be staying at some random place in the world, travelling, blogging and working.  So, when I stumbled upon the Big Blog Exchange website approaching the long weekend in August, I got really excited.  Well, at first, I panicked.  How do we get everyone to vote when

Googly Gooeys Why We Love Black White
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Why We Love Black and White

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, we’ve already implemented the new color scheme on our website as well as on our social networking sites.  You see, every year, we always want to bring something new into the blog.  As you may have seen on our Instagram, we have already ventured into photography, illustration, lay-out

Googly Gooeys Structures we Love in Macau revJan23
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What We Love About Macau

Last December, Ponggo & I went to Hong Kong but for the last leg of our trip, we revisited Macau.  Macau is just a boat ride away from Hong Kong.  So we figured, why not spend a day and have a food fest of sorts? 🙂 Sure, Macau is best-known for its Casino & extravagant

Googly Gooeys Why Ill Never Be a Food Blogger
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Why I’ll Never Be a Food Blogger + Laduree,Din Tai Fung & Tonkichi Tonkatsu

Since Ponggo & I have been sharing pictures from events & travels lately, we were thinking, we should probably expand it to sharing our gastronomical escapades. So we tried.  However, 70% of the time, we were busy eating—sometimes even to the point of not talking—just plain hungry after hours and hours of walking, exploring &

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