Exercise (Or Something Like It): A Guest Post for Takbo.ph

Exercise (Or Something Like It) "I ran 10k" "Oh wow! I can't do that!" "Then I thought that wasn't enough so I went for a swim." "Whooooooaaa!" "But I felt I had to challenge myself so I went to the gym after that." "That's impressive!" And then? "...and Then I woke up sweating. It was just a dream!"

Our fellow blogger Jinoe Gavan of Takbo.ph & DaddyinTheCity asked us to do a guest post for his Takbo.Ph Facebook Page 🙂  It took us a while to finally come up with a new post since we were thinking, if Tipsy & Ponggo would give some health tips, we need to get some (visible) abs first. Hahaha.  For those of you residing outside the Philippines, takbo is the the literal translation of the word “run”.  Running has becoming bigger and bigger through the years and you’ll see people spending more and more time running after office in business districts and parks!   It’s hard not to think of a brand that hasn’t stage a running event yet 😉  People are either running towards a better body and a healthier life or simply running away from zombies so that they can finish the race 😀

To join the running community & for more tips about running, health & nutrition, check out Takbo.ph on Twitter, Facebook & Jinoe Gavan on Google+. 🙂

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And oh, you’ll find our other one-fifth of a collab with Jinoe here. 😀

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11 years ago

))))) like it!

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