Coloring Tips Preview

5 Tips on How to Choose Colors for your Artwork

How are you guys?? It seems like a week ago, we were just in Cebu for less than 24 hours for a workshop and now another week is about to end again!  Wahhh.  Also, if you caught us on Facebook live, the photos here were shot last May and it’s as if I slept, woke

Googly Gooeys Making Colors Vibrant1

How to Make Your Colors Vibrant

I’ve always been wanting to share some tips on how to make your colors vibrant but them pregnancy hormones have been kicking in and I’m just usually asleep.  For example, I actually started working on my outline and practicing my monologue for TypeLabMNL more than a month ago.  (Yes, I would speak to myself in

Googly Gooeys Golden Rules of Stalking1

Golden Rules of Stalking + Paris Photo Diary

I’m so bad, it was the Googly Gooeys’ 6th birthday yesterday but I haven’t written about it. I have my draft but I don’t feel like it’s time to upload it yet so instead of coming up with something half-baked, I’d rather write about something else instead. 😉 *Yeah, apparently, birthdays can be postponed.* Anyhooz,

Googly Gooeys Panicking

Signs That You Are Panicking

Hello!!! I’m back.  I wasn’t really on a blogging hiatus but if If there’s anything I’m good at doing lately, it’s panicking, making my brain freeze & my heart beat really fast.  I’m just so overwhelmed with all the pending things I have to finish in all aspects of my life. *Ahhhh* No matter how

Flipagram Happy 5th Birthday 2 Preview for Instagram
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Happy 5th Birthday Googly Gooeys!

Every time April 26 approaches, I panic a bit.  I don’t know what to write about.  I’m done going through the lengthy history of how the Googly Gooeys came about and doing something similar each year would be boring.  I also don’t know if I should stop explaining that April 26, 2009 was the evening that

Googly Gooeys Fluffy Cloud 450 pixels

Next Best Thing to a Fluffy Cloud

I just noticed recently that I’ve been spending so much time thinking and trying to make the Googly comics more realistic. Especially when I’m working on stuff that have large fandoms, I get paranoid. I start thinking, “Oh my gosh! What if the bat symbol on Batman‘s belt lacks an extra flap?” “The real potato

Googly Gooeys Reasons Why You Have a Tummy Ache
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Reasons Why You Have a Tummy Ache

It’s probably not the most glamorous or lunch-friendly thing to admit but now & then, Ponggo & I get tummy aches.  For one, he has a very sensitive tummy that can only handle uber uber clean water and not too much oil.  He also looooves chili.  Too bad, his body is not a fan. On

Googly Gooeys How to Become a Real Life Dementor

How to Become a Dementor

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a couple of weeks now but I tried postponing it until my pile of pending artworks came to a decent level.  I’ve been scrambling to find my scratch paper of notes this morning (proof that I must really get myself a notebook) and I thought I almost

Googly Gooeys How to Survive a Busy Schedule 450 pixelscorrected

How to Survive a Busy Schedule

This been a busy year or rather, a busier year.  I know I’m not supposed to be claiming to be an authority at being able to manage my schedule.  From time to time, I always panic and get stressed about what I’ve put myself into.  However, I’ve been trying to change the way I work

Googly Gooeys I Wish

My Grown-up Christmas List

Dear Santa, This Christmas, I’m not even wishing for a toy, a Lego house or a set of art materials. Apparently, the things I’m wishing for these days are stuff that cannot be bought or sold! Here’s my grown-up Christmas list: 1) I wish it would rain chocolates! -I’d also like to be specific about

Googly Gooeys 5 Signs That Youre Obsessive Compulsive
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Signs That You’re Obsessive Compulsive

Signs That You’re Obsessive Compulsive: If you ever get to see our house, you know we’re not an obsessive compulsive bunch because it’s always sooo messy.  If you look at my books, they all have these funny random bookmarks, washi tapes, highlights or dog ears–it’s a book lover’s nightmare!  You will also see the same

Googly Gooeys Rewards You Can Give Yourself1

It’s Time to Reward Yourself With…

We’ve always been mentioning how much our schedule has been crazy busy lately.  So, instead of talking about our daily woes cloaked in a colorful presentation, let’s shift to something lighter & try to recount what rewards that we’d like to give to ourselves after a busy work day, work week, a busy month, year

Googly Gooeys You Must Be A Minion
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The Minion Quiz: You Must Be a Minion If…

Finally!  In the middle of my crazy week, Ponggo has convinced me to step out of my lair and bring back a bit of sanity into my life. Through time, I have learned that aside from not choosing to sacrifice sleep, the other way to cope with stress is to insert a break–some guilt-free time

Googly Gooeys Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!

We were literally melting last weekend! Okay, not literally.  Then again, the weather has proved to be crazy.  The summer heat (at least in this side of the world) has been testing our nerves and sanity.  Well, Saturday morning until afternoon wasn’t so bad but when we bought yogurt & milk tea to cool us

Googly Gooeys 5 Types of Pain blackboard background

Five Kinds of Pain

I was revisiting some Switchfoot tracks last week and I heard the line ♩♪ stars looking at our planet watching entropy and pain ♫♬ Suddenly, the idea for this cartoon came to me.  It just dawned upon me that not all kinds of pain are physical  and that not all of them have readily available over-the-counter remedies.

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