I recently went on a trip to fix some things.  I told Ponggo I won’t be buying anything and that I won’t be consuming my budget.  After three days, tadaahhh…I finished 4/5t of my budget and I consumed 19.9 out of the 20kgs baggage allowance! Woops!  It’s amazing though that while everyone usually brings home clothes, I wasn’t able to buy any dress or fashion accessory.  😛  I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I guess the kid inside me who loves colorful things will never grow up!

How about you?  When was the last time you said, “I’m not going to buy anything?”

Googly Gooeys I'm Not Going to Buy Anything! Before Shopping: "I'm going to save my money. I'm not going to buy anything today!" During Shopping: "Oh my gosh! These are so pretty! I should buy them!" "Who can resist these? What is life without desserts?" "I don't need this yet but I might need them someday!" After Shopping: "Where did all my money go?"

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section Color Inspirations from Hong Kong





What I love about traveling is being able to find new sources of inspiration! You don’t necessarily have to go inside a museum to be inspired.  From packaging design, wall decals and the way good are displayed, it’s not hard to find fuel for your next project ❤ If you’ve been following The Googly Gooeys on Instagram, you may have already seen some of these 😀

Colorful Finds Magazines in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong is very near Japan, there are a looot of Japanese magazines & good in the place.  If you don’t think you’ll be going to Japan anytime soon but you’re in search of Japanese goods, HK is your next best option 🙂

See also  as requested by Lea Vila…Hope you don’t mind we placed a twist to the ubiquitous apron :

Hong Kong Copic Markers

Once I took a photo of a bunch of colored pencils someone actually thought I bought them all. Nope! Hahahaha. I only take pictures of these for my sister if she wanted me to buy her a set.  No, I don’t have the budget to buy her a set but I would be willing to be her mule if someone wants to sponsor her. Hehe.

02 Marks & Spencer Animal Biscuits

I love how Marks & Spencer always comes up with these cutesy packaging.  I love how they seamlessly merged photography & illustration in this animal biscuit bag.  It would probably be fun to work for them.  I also enjoy staring at their newly designed Christmas goods ❤

Makeup Store Illustration

I passed by Lee Gardens & saw these pretty wall decals.  Makes me want to use charcoal again & play with watercolor! ❤ (Why do all my sentences end with a heart? Hehehe.)

Cath Kidston, Causeway Bay, Hong

To be honest, initially, I didn’t understand the fuss over Cath Kidston until I finally stepped into their store!  Now, I want a part of my house to look like it! It’s like I’m living inside a Frankie Magazine except that everything’s a bit more vibrant 😉 I’m sharing the address with you guys.  See for yourself what I’m trying to say:

Shop 8, G/F Empire Court
2 & 4 Hysan Avenue
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

Hong Kong View from Up Above

Finally, doesn’t this look like a scene from a superhero movie where a rich villain is aboard a luxury plain or some expert crime fighters–no, not the Powerpuff Girls–are trying to save someone kidnapped or, where a vehicle from outer space just returned from a successful mission? Okay. Sorry, I think I’ve been watching too many movies lately!  Hehe.  I actually hate myself for being so busy adjusting the photo format I missed getting a picture of the suspended bridge!  I’m hoping to post more photos in the next blog entry.  Watch out for that soon! 🙂

See also  do you have more pictures?? where can i find them??


Tipsy ❤

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