Googly Gooeys 4 Types of Hungry
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Four Types of Hunger

Almost every day I find myself browsing my Instagram feed.  Aside from designers, I also try to follow food bloggers like @ladyironchef & @talesfromthetummy.  Since they post lots of food porn, I no longer know if I’m really legitimately hungry–not that I’d be breaking any laws according to the constitution.  I wish that my type […]

Googly Gooeys Short Lived Apology
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Short-Lived Apology

Hello, hello!  We’re back once again!  Ponggo & I had a tough but very productive and fulfilling working weekend.  We ended it nicely with a filling dinner and a quick skate at the rink.  Since were were sleep-deprived and tired by Sunday night, we were didn’t necessarily in the cheeriest of dispositions.  [May I also

2 Ponggo Swimming

Happy 4th Birthday to the Googly Gooeys! :)

Happy 4th Birthday to the Googly Gooeys!  Four years ago today, (and I totally sound like a historian slash grandparent,)   I was having such a bad afternoon.   I sat down and tinkered with my laptop and played around with this circle and started pushing it in random directions.  It looked like a blob of goo

Googly Gooeys Super Secret1

Super Secret!

Did this ever happen to you?  This is how I lost my piece of heirloom.  X years ago, I placed the a ring inside a tissue inside my bag so that it would look inconspicuous.  It looked just like some normal used tissue paper…so normal I threw it away.  *Yikes!*  These days, I try to

Googly Gooeys How We See Colors 4x81
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How We See Colors

There was a time when we were preparing for a wedding and I kept on suggesting Chartreuse and Fuchsia as the colors of our motif and Ponggo said, “Char-char-char-what? Can’t you just say yellow green? And that other color’s a bit hard to spell too!”   I really really love colors (..and I’m really really

Googly Gooeys Relationship Woes2
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Relationship Woes

  It’s the love month so please allow us to abuse the topic of L-O-V-E.  Here are some pre-relationship woes.  While it’s fun to look back at them, these things can be a pain in the head (and heart!) while these were happening (enter dramatic music): When Someone’s Too Dense – While others can be

Googly Gooeys Thank You for 2012 Wall with Artworks

Thank You! :)

I’m not so great with titles, huh? Well, I just realized that the original text for the blog giveaway was supposed to be a big thank you to all our readers but I got so caught up living in my own happylandia styling and taking pictures of all the prizes instead.  *doingk* Why isn’t the post

Googly Gooeys How I Feel About the Facebook Status Bar
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How I Feel About Facebook Questions

If there’s ever anything constant on Facebook, it’s change!  Recently, it just rolled out its new format and now, the status bar attempts to coax our lazy fingers into flooding our friends with itsy bitsy details of our lives.  There’s a study somewhere (how credible!) that if you ask questions online, people will tend to

Googly Gooeys Last Christmas
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Last Christmas I Gave You My…

Gift-giving is probably not the most exciting part of our relationship.  After so many years of trying, Ponggo has finally given up on me.  I have way too many comments about all the presents he has given me.  One year, he tries to guess the clothes I might like.  Last Christmas, he bought me stuff that

Googly Gooeys Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts & the Googly Gooey Plushie Keychains

As the song goes, ♩♪♫♬ Oh the truth hurts! The lies worse! ♩♪♫♬  Well, that has been my theme song lately.  Nope, not for my married life but for my relationship with the weighing scale.  Ever since I injured my knees, I’ve been in a losing battle to keep that number from going up.  I’m so tired

Googly Gooeys Best Gift Ever
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Best Gift Ever!

Ever shopped for Christmas stuff with a back-up plan?  Did you ever go, “Hmm…I’ll buy this notebook for my sister but if she doesn’t like it, I’ll have it! It must not go to waste”.  Ponggo always sneakily buys stuff for his dad hoping that (a) they can share it or (b) if he doesn’t

Googly Gooeys Life of a Workaholic

Life of a Workaholic

My best friend (who lives on the other side of this world) & I were just chatting and this topic came up thus the workaholic cartoon: I think I’ve already written here a lot of times that I cannot not work.  Even when I’m supposedly “resting”, I have to be busy in some sort of

Googly Gooeys Why Elevators are Like People

Why Elevators are Like People & The Nuffnang Blogopolis

This post is dedicated to @_PurpleRose_ on Twitter–a fellow Rusher & Netizen 😉 I promised her months ago that if I ever come up with an elevator post, I’d dedicate it to her 🙂 Elevators have now become an integral part of my life. *How dramatic and formal!*  Through the years I’ve had (more than)

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