Thank You! :)

I’m not so great with titles, huh?

Googly Gooeys Thank Ewe Thank Yew Wall of Artworks

Well, I just realized that the original text for the blog giveaway was supposed to be a big thank you to all our readers but I got so caught up living in my own happylandia styling and taking pictures of all the prizes instead.  *doingk* Why isn’t the post a typical cartoon with of Tipsy & Ponggo? Well, I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of a section from our tiny home which is filled up with bits & pieces doodles and drawings.

Anyway, T-H-A-N-K-(space)-Y-O-U.  It was an awesome 2012!  Each year is always full of surprises and most of the time, we don’t really know what we’re doing but thank you for being there and cheering us on!  You just don’t know how grateful we are for having this little space in the cyberworld where we can rant colorfully about our lives and live as our walking & talking goo alter egos.

We’re thankful too to collaborators, artists and our fellow bloggers who have generously shared with us a piece of their minds for some of our blog entries:

Analog Photography 101 – with Aleyn Comprendio
Tips on How to Decorate Your Home with Heima Store
The Instagrammer Goes on a Date and Replying to E-mails: Why It Takes Forever – with Ria Macasaet
Beauty Tips with Nikki Tiu of
Start The New Year Right with Jenni Epperson
How to Survive the Eve of Valentine’s Day – with Erwan Heussaff
Planning for Your Big Day with Patty Laurel
Fashion Tips & Rainy Day Dressing Tips by Camille Co

If you’d like to collaborate with us, please feel free to send us an e-mail (ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com) 🙂

We’re three and a half years old and as cyber toddlers, for 2012, here are some of our firsts:

First Published on a Book: I Love Charts Book, U.S.A.
First Appearance on an International Newspaper: Hindustan Times, India (LOL. Not that we ever appeared on a local newspaper so I guess we can just call it “First Appearance on a Newspaper”. Haha.)
First Interview on Radio: Interview on Mellow 94.7 with Vince Golangco & Tracy Abad
Plastered on a Facebook Wall for the First Time  (Bwahahaha! Beware. Remember, clicking this link is an option 😉 )
First Time to Ever Talk About Blogging in a Public Event: Nuffnang Blogopolis

Thank you too for supporting us when we moved to a new house for the nth time!?! (Did you know that The Googly Gooeys was born on a personal account on Multiply back in 2009 then transferred to a personal account on Facebook then a Facebook Page then Tumblr and finally, this site that you’re looking at 😉 *Whew!* And of course, how could we forget the Googly Gooey Plushie Keychains ?

Lastly, special thanks to Patty Laurel for helping me make my dream of designing for brides come true! 🙂 (No, I don’t design dresses. Although one of my dreams is to make dresses out of paper for fun. Haha.) Thanks to our friends on Instagram who have been fueling us with positive energy as we inch our way towards project deadlines. 🙂

So we thought 2013 couldn’t top 2012 then one day, while at a cafe & working on a project, we found out that The Googly Gooeys made it to’s 15 Blogs Worth Following 🙂 Oh wow.

Spot dot PH Tweet came out with a list of Tumblelogs worth following years ago and I’ve always enjoyed their “Tweets of the Week” section.  I was secretly hoping to land on their list one day but forgot about that dream since I always thought it was impossible with the plethora of blogs swimming in the cyber sea! So, thank you SPOT.PH & thank you too readers for making this happen! 🙂

Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section Winners of the Blog Giveaway

Well, here they are! The winners of the Happy Things Blog Giveaway! If you’ve been following us on Twitter and Instagram, then you would have seen that the postcards are now ready for mailing!

Postcards for Mailing
To those who missed it: The postcard winners are:
1. Chantelle Bolo (Canada)
2. Czarine Isabel Gomez (Marikina City)
3. Richard Co (Pasig City)
4. Khirsten Lim (Marikina City)
5. France van Niekerk (South Africa)
6. Bianca Marie Pascual (Navotas City)
7. Bituin Callanta (Pateros)
8. Kaye Raymundo (Valenzuela City)
9. Charmaine Cabugnason (Taguig City)
10. Yaine Tobias (Makati City)
11. Marian “Iana” Peralta
12. Eula P. Tetangco
13. Mariel Arboleda
14. Ho Zhen Meng
15. Nikka del Rosario

…and ta-dahhhh!

The Blog Giveaway Winners are:
Origami Paper Winners:
1. Jonette Valenciano
2. MarieEmily Joy Cordero Buaya
3. Regina Yray

Fabric Tapes Winners:
1. Chuan Min
2. Stephanie Lee
3. Cym Gonzaga-Marzan
4. Izwazi McNorton

Washi Tape Winner:
1. Kish Flores

Congratulations to the winners & thanks again for joining everyone! It was really fun while it lasted.  We’re really hoping to come up with more giveaways for you in the future! ❤

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11 years ago

congrats to the winners..

Cym Gonzaga-Marzan
11 years ago

Yay! I won! Thank you!!!

Izwazi McNorton
Izwazi McNorton
11 years ago

i don’t know how to express my happiness. thanks a lot ~~

Farah Jamil
Farah Jamil
11 years ago

my name isnt here :'( *snifff* *snifff*

P.S. how can we be a part of it? =(

MarieEmily Joy Cordero Buaya
11 years ago

Oh my! I just checked my e-mail and tada~! I have a message from you guys! Oh wow! Oh wow! Thank you so much! X3 This is the first time I won something from a giveaway. X3 >:D<

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