Googly Gooeys How to Get Hagrid's Hair

If you’re aspiring to replace Rubeus Hagrid as a gamekeeper at Hogwarts then follow these steps for effortlessly tangled, frizzy, unruly hair!  Then again, come to think of it, in this day & age whene our hair’s constantly exposed to pollution, our love for a quick lifestyle where we can’t even wait for our hair to get air-dried–thus the massive reliance on blow dryers–we’re not actually very far from getting Hagrid-hair!  Add to that our penchant for hair-straightening formulas, perming, and dyeing…Ta-dah!  We’re actually doing so much to our hair it’s getting stressed.

Good thing there’s Finesse 😉  Finesse has a unique self-adjusting formula.  How awesome is that?  A shampoo that actually adjusts to your needs?   Finesse actually coats our strands of hair with a conditioner making it shiny & protecting it from the elements!

Just recently, Finesse held a Makeover Tour with 30 stops allover the Metro.  Aside from the hair washing & hair styling sessions, true to their tagline “I’ll take care of you” tagline, they coupled it with a team of makeup artists & photographers making each participant feel like a star!

Finesse shampoo is available in enhancing, moisturizing & volumizing variants!   So far, my favorite’s the Finesse Clean & Simple Shampoo and conditioner for Dry / Color Treated Hair since I just recently had my hair re-dyed reddish brown and as much as it’s fun to have a new hair color, alas, the drying effects are creeping in.  Yikes!  I realized that I do have wavy hair & it has a volume on its own but voluminous hair is different from the volume created by the frizzy hair that has a mind of its own.   By the way, because Finesse is also about the complete package, they also have a line of Mousse and Hair spray ready to suit your needs!

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Finesse Product Shots

Googly Gooeys Finesse & Samsung

Finally, Finesse is giving away 24 gift packs to lucky promo participants and, speaking of a fast-paced life, Finesse is giving away a Samsung Galaxy SIII!!  Yay! Finesse indeed goes beyond taking care of our hair as it goes ahead to take care of our lifestyle!  Here’s how you can get an automatic entry to the main raffle of a Samsung Galaxy S3! Get clicking below! 🙂
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Update as of January 11, 2013:

The winner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be live drawn tomorrow, January 12, 2013 at the Finesse Event, 2-5pm, Glorietta Activity Center! 😀 Meanwhile, congratulations to the winners of the 24 gift packs! 🙂 Please email us your addresses so that we can forward them to Finesse & they’ll take care of the mailing the items to you 🙂 Happy hair washing & styling! Hihi.

1. Joy Merced (Lovely Joy Merced)
2. Maria Jobelle Causapin Lopez
3. Icia Tadiar
4. Crystal Cruz
5. Elaiza Basas
6. Reisha Ledesma Olavario
7. Eleu Bolinao
8. Erin Emocling
9. Ma. Janella Vicera Ocon
10. Elaine Caw
11. Susana Irenea Loyola Borja
12. Cherry Ann Punzal
13. Jumeirah Danvi
14. Paul William Paredes
15. Jamaica Isabel
16. Lovely Rose Dela Cruz
17. Kaze Danielle M. Agar
18. April Mar
19. Jessamer Abing
20. Carol de Vera
21. Keii Fuentes
22. Lorraine Carla Laplap
23. Darwin Galbis
24. Girlie Camugay

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Woohoo! Congratulations again! 🙂 Can’t wait to find out who won the Samsung Galaxy S3!

Update as of January 15, 2013:

We have a winner! Drumroll please….

Congratulations to Marlon P. Joson for winning the Samsung Galaxy S3! 🙂

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