Best Gift Ever!

Googly Gooeys Best Gift Ever! "I don't really know how to feel about the USB you gave me." "You'll get to use it every single day! You'll remember me all the time!" "Hmm...I doesn't reflect my personality. But wait, isn't this the USB you've always wanted?" "Yes, yes." "If you really want it, why don't you have it?" "Really? This is the best Christmas gift ever!!! Woohoo!" "Why do you buy gifts that you can eventually give to yourself?" "Am I that obvious?"

Ever shopped for Christmas stuff with a back-up plan?  Did you ever go, “Hmm…I’ll buy this notebook for my sister but if she doesn’t like it, I’ll have it! It must not go to waste”.  Ponggo always sneakily buys stuff for his dad hoping that (a) they can share it or (b) if he doesn’t like it, he can have it. Ho ho ho. So it feels like the gift we can alternatively give to ourselves is the best gift ever 😛

How many of your are guilty about this?  How many of you are not yet done with Christmas shopping?  How many are skipping Christmas shopping altogether and are taking on the role of the Grinch or Mister Ebeneezer Scrooge? >:D

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10 years ago

Ahohoho. I can so relate with this one. But I wrap it immediately so I won’t be tempted to “own” it. Mwehehe.

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