How I Feel About Facebook Questions

Googly Gooeys How I Feel About Facebook Questions Facebook: "How's it going, Tipsy?" Tipsy: "Are we even close?" Facebook: What's happening, Tipsy? Tipsy: "Sooo nosy!"

If there’s ever anything constant on Facebook, it’s change!  Recently, it just rolled out its new format and now, the status bar attempts to coax our lazy fingers into flooding our friends with itsy bitsy details of our lives.  There’s a study somewhere (how credible!) that if you ask questions online, people will tend to be more interactive.  However, the new Facebook questions make me want to ask, “Umm…Are we friends? Are we even close?”  It’s as if Facebook has turned into some nosy, gossipmongering acquaintance trying to extract juicy info that s/he can take against you 🙂 Then again, that’s just me.

What do you think?


Your Paranoid Cartoonist Tipsy 😉

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