Super Secret! "I'm going to keep this super secret paper in a super secret location so that no one will find it!" Next day... "Where did I keep that super secret paper?" "Where could it be?" "Now where did I place it? It's upser secret I think I might have kept the secret from myself"

Did this ever happen to you?  This is how I lost my piece of heirloom.  X years ago, I placed the a ring inside a tissue inside my bag so that it would look inconspicuous.  It looked just like some normal used tissue paper…so normal I threw it away.  *Yikes!*  These days, I try to group my stuff according to function: stuff for crafting, photography stuff, stuff related to the blog (Gahh… I just realized it’s hard to keep props when you have such a small space. Now I know why real stylists have huge warehouses!) However, now matter how I try to be organized (or maybe I just think I’m being super organized), it’s still hard for me to locate some stuff.  It seems they’re hiding in super secret locations!

Ponggo hates it when I fix his stuff because I can’t seem to remember where I’ve placed each one of them.  I’m not also keen on the minor details on his tools.  When he asks me about a screw driver that has a specific kind of tip, I zone out and just say, “I have no idea”, much to his dismay 😉

Sometimes, I really wish I each product is like a cellphone.  If you can’t find it, just dial the number and it will soon reveal its location.  I also wonder how much easier our lives would have been if we could just all go, “Accio (Missing Object)!”

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