Googly Gooeys The Life of a Workaholic 1) You work too much because it gives you a sense of fulfillment "I'm feeling super and no one can stop me!" 2) You feel guilty about relaxing "I should be working now" 3) You're burned out, depressed & sad. "Is this all there is to life?" 4) You try to change your lifestyle "Aha! I'll spend more time taking vacations & doing things I love" 5) You find yourself restless while working "Hmm...I'm not sure if being unproductive is my thing...

My best friend (who lives on the other side of this world) & I were just chatting and this topic came up thus the workaholic cartoon:
Workaholic Gtalk Chat
I think I’ve already written here a lot of times that I cannot not work.  Even when I’m supposedly “resting”, I have to be busy in some sort of way or else I’ll start worrying about how boring my life is.  On the other hand, with loads of work still waiting to be done, I also worry when I will ever learn to rest.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in the business of selling weeknights, weekends, sleep & holidays.  I think all the colds & flu I’ve been getting lately are also work/stress-related. Gahhh.  I’m one of them people who would go, “Yay! A holiday! More time for work!”   I know I should change this habit soon because I’m speeding up my aging process more than the bottles of anti-aging cream & serum could accommodate! Haha.

Anyway, now going back to work!


Tipsy ❤

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Too lazy to even finish the sentence 😐 Zzzzzzz….
I Should Be Working

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