Truth Hurts & the Googly Gooey Plushie Keychains

Googly Gooeys Truth Hurts "Oh the truth hurts!" "Awww" "One day, you're happy and the next thing you know, you've been betrayed!" "Hmm..." "I didn't know it would end up this way. I should have said no when I had the chance" "Wait. Is this about us?" "Oh. Just the pack of cookies I ate and the weight I've gained. Hihi." "Pfft!"

As the song goes, ♩♪♫♬ Oh the truth hurts! The lies worse! ♩♪♫♬  Well, that has been my theme song lately.  Nope, not for my married life but for my relationship with the weighing scale.  Ever since I injured my knees, I’ve been in a losing battle to keep that number from going up.  I’m so tired of hearing myself use my injury as an excuse for the x pounds I’ve gained.  On certain days though, I’d like to think our weighing scale is broken, its battery needs to be changed, there’s some extra gravitational pull in a certain spot in our house or that my hair’s longer and therefore, I’m heavier.  *Pathetic*

Last night, I asked Ponggo to check if our weighing scale was indeed broken and nope,  it was fine.  Gahhh….How could it have happened?  I haven’t been eating a lot lately!?  Then again, I realized, the reason why I wasn’t eating a lot because I felt too full after finishing a pack of dark chocolate biscuits in a span of 12 hours.  There’s the culprit!  I should probably go back to writing down what I eat and of course, exercising more.

Expanding by the millisecond,

Tipsy 😐

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 Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section (Tipsy)

P.S. Do you already have your Googly Gooey plushie keychains? 😀 We have a few pairs left & it looks like it will take a longer time before we’ll have another batch! Grab yours now before we run out of stocks…again 😉
Googly Gooeys Plushies
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11 years ago

Hello TIPSY & PONGGO! hehehe.. nice meeting you sa nuffnang talent night. Nagbago na pala layout ng blog nyo. Gandaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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