How We See Colors

Googly Gooeys How We See Colors "Should it be coral orange? Peach? Orange? Yellow Orange or Creamy pumpkin soup orange?" "You decide. They're all orange to me!" "..." "They have all sorts of pink! I can't choose which ones I like." "Seafoam green! I love seafoam green!" "It's just green. Stop making a big deal out of it!" "I really love this sky blue, candy red & salmon pink mug of yours." "Argh! Just give me my mug."

There was a time when we were preparing for a wedding and I kept on suggesting Chartreuse and Fuchsia as the colors of our motif and Ponggo said, “Char-char-char-what? Can’t you just say yellow green? And that other color’s a bit hard to spell too!”   I really really love colors (..and I’m really really stating the obvious!) so I kept on motif hopping.  Ask me each week and the color palette for the wedding would change.  I believe I gave my friends & wedding gown designer a headache! 😛  I just think all colors are pretty and while not all of them are close friends, they have cousins of other shades who could be friends with other colors. (They’re that dear to me now I’m treating them like real people.)

Finally, when the time was up, I ended with White, Raspberry Red, Orange, Yellow Orange & Lemon Yellow! 🙂  I always tell people that I chose this set because it’s like one half of the rainbow.  Anyway, the skies will be blue that day and the grass is green and it’s just really the shades of violet & indigo that I’ll be missing out on that day.  I had too much purple / violet / lilac / lavender in my late teen years anyway.  I think I can let go of that now 😉

We shot the elements for the background of our invitation.  As you will see, I went into a buying frenzy of all the stuff I could find that was somehow close to the shades of our motif!  ❤ 😛 *Oops*

Googly Gooeys How We See Colors (Wedding Invite Photo Shoot)

I really really think it’s fun to be a prop stylist but so far all I’ve been doing is hoarding stuff, shooting them and not knowing where to store them later. 😛   Just the other day, I found some of the props from this shoot and I still have no idea how I can use them for other projects.  Maybe one day I should hold a garage sale (oops…we don’t actually have a front yard / garage open to public).

Well, Ponggo still isn’t a fan of Chartreuse or my habit of describing shades of colors (at least I stopped using Pantone numbers unlike when I was still working with brands!)  But at least, he loves orange and he’s okay with wearing pink or fuchsia.  He was also the one who mandated suggested that our house should be blue & orange.  If he hadn’t imposed, we might have had a rainbow house!

Gahhh….This love (for colors) is taking a toll on me!


Tipsy ❤

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Cym Marzan
11 years ago

Love this post! So… colorful! Someday, I’d like to have a wedding (again) of my (color) dreams. 🙂

11 years ago

Colours of Heaven…way to go Tipsy. <3

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