Relationship Woes


Googly Gooeys Pre-Relationship Woes When She's Too Dense "How do you like the flowers?" "This just means we're friends, right?" When He's Assuming... "Hey babe! Happy first monthsary!" "What? I don't even have a boyfriend?" When He's Too Aggressive "Hello! Nice to meet you! Will you marry me?" When He's Such a Turtel "He's taking forever to decide!" "Let's take it slow"

It’s the love month so please allow us to abuse the topic of L-O-V-E.  Here are some pre-relationship woes.  While it’s fun to look back at them, these things can be a pain in the head (and heart!) while these were happening (enter dramatic music):

  1. When Someone’s Too Dense – While others can be super assuming, others choose to play it safe.  No matter how many subtle signals the other party sends, they choose to protect their heart (and sanity!) by choosing not to be presumptuous about the situation.  They try not to read between the lines and they wait for their actual, blatant cue (and if it needs to be spelled out in all caps on a placard then so be it!)
  2. When Someone’s Too Assuming – Some people assume that someone’s into them to feed their ego.  Some do because it’s the type of reality they want to live in.  Unfortunately, some people might have just read all the clues and hints wrongly.  They think they’re already in a relationship even though they’re not.   The fictional relationship can be all fine and dandy until the miserable truth stares at them in the face.  Boom! The bloody red FRIENDZONED sign blinks, the siren wails & it’s time for you to leave the theater of make believe relationships. 🙁
  3. When Someone’s Aggressive – These are the types who are always in the fast lane and who are ready to take it to the next n levels.   This can easily scare anyone caught off-guard.  Then again, this can all be relative.  Someone can only appear aggressive, intrusive and annoying if the other person doesn’t like him/her.
  4. The Turtle – A variant of person number 1, this person also chooses to play it safe.  He chooses to listen to his heart and if the signals are fuzzy, he’s willing to wait for the right moment no matter how long it will take often at the risk of being left behind by their uber bored partner. Gahhh…

Well, we hope you’re not in one of these situations and if you are, you’ve hopefully identified yourself because knowing is half the battle (and knowledge is power! *Whuttt??* )

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