Last Christmas I Gave You My…

Googly Gooeys Last Christmas Christmas 3 Years Ago: "So, how do you like my gift?" "Well, I was hoping for something with more meaning." Christmas 2 Years Ago: "What do you think about my gift?" "I know this pen means a lot to you but it's not my type" Last Christmas: "I know how much you're into color so I got you this!" "I'm not in love with that color palette" THis Christmas: "So, what's your gift for me." "We're going to buy it together. I'm so tired of your comments." "Really? How about the element of surprise?" "I give up!"

Gift-giving is probably not the most exciting part of our relationship.  After so many years of trying, Ponggo has finally given up on me.  I have way too many comments about all the presents he has given me.  One year, he tries to guess the clothes I might like.  Last Christmas, he bought me stuff that are cute and colorful since I usually fall for those.  Year after year, I explain to him that I may like colorful things but there are only certain shades, patterns and color combinations that I like and only a certain brand of cuteness that appeals to me.   Another random year, he tries a different approach & shares with me his love for fountain pens by giving me one and convincing me to use it.  Now you know where that fountain pen is 😛

This year, to save him from tears, I’m not even guessing what he’s giving me .  We’ll just probably go shop during our upcoming vacation and he’ll just ‘sponsor’ a random item I like which doesn’t make so much sense anymore since our funds are technically conjugal property.  😉 Gaahh..Talk about an anti-relationship relationship (if there was even such a thing).  We never even celebrated Valentine’s day but that’s another blog post altogether.

Anyway, whatever it is that you’re giving or getting this Christmas, now matter how hard it is, just remember that the reward you get is in the act of giving itself 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

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