Trying to be Productive with Facebook & Our ANC Shoptalk Guesting

Googly Gooeys Why You'll Never be Productive with Facebook "Wait, let me just check some details on Facebook." "So many notifications! How long have I been away?" "I"ll reply to these comments quickly & I'll be done in no time!" "Oooh. They tagged me. I wonder what I look like in this pic." "Ooooh! My favorite Facebook page just posted something." "Sigh! I can like pictures like these all day!" "A new friend request? Who could this be?" "Let me just respond to this chat message..." "Why did I open Facebook again?"

Most of the time I have to check something on Facebook: details of a trip, a friend’s address, what time my friends & I are supposed to meet…et cetera.  However, I’ve never been successful in doing nothing else but that.  Before I get to what I’m supposed to do, I always end up taking a detour via the more scenic, exciting and very time consuming route of getting distracted with all the news feed and notifications.  Worse, there are days when after I’ve logged out of Facebook, it’s only when I realize I haven’t really done what I’m supposed to do.  Oops!   So just imagine how hard it is to upload new posts on our Facebook page.  Thanks to the Facebook format, no one gets enough time to be desensitized to it’s ever distracting lay-out.

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section

Probably one of the questions we frequently get is, “How do you guys look like?” Well, the reason why we’ve consciously tried refraining from posting photos of ourselves here and on Instagram is that we know you already have a vision of how Tipsy & Ponggo are in your mind and we didn’t want to ruin that for you.  Also, when you come to our site, we know you’re here for the comics & not to be bombed with random photos of us 😉

However, if by any chance, you’re curious, here’s how we look like.  Hehe.  Yesterday, we just finished taping a segment for ANC Shoptalk.  They invited us for their “Couples in Business” segment and this will be aired on the 14th of February, Valentine’s day, 7-8pm 🙂 We will be talking about the Googly Gooeys and our newest baby The Sago Project.  *Take a moment to breathe if you actually forgot to when you read the word “baby”* Haha.

ANC Shoptalk Interview3 Ponggo, Tipsy, Martha Vinzons, Lexi Schulze

Here’s us with producer Tata Vinzons and host Lexi Schulze.  Thanks again to ANC Shoptalk for inviting us once again 🙂 Don’t forget to follow ANC Shoptalk on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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