Googly Gooeys Why Elevators Are Like People 1) They Love Taking Their Sweet Time Elevators: "When i this elevator going to arrive? Tomorrow?" People: "Sigh! How much time do you need to prepare for our date?" "Five more minutes" 2) They complain about heavy workloads Elevators: "It said 'overload'. How dare the elevator reject me like that?" People: "oh! I have so much to do! I can't wait to get more sleep!" 3) They get sick too! Elevators: "Elevator is under repair? This was the form of exercise I was afraid of?" People: "This flu is so clingy. It won't leave me!" 4) They close their doors when they feel like it! Elevator: Ugh! I missed the elevator again? Argh! People: "Are you mad at me? Why won't you talk to me?"

This post is dedicated to @_PurpleRose_ on Twitter–a fellow Rusher & Netizen 😉 I promised her months ago that if I ever come up with an elevator post, I’d dedicate it to her 🙂

Elevators have now become an integral part of my life. *How dramatic and formal!*  Through the years I’ve had (more than) my fair share of elevator mishaps like:

(a) asking a receptionist if there is a flight of stairs leading to the 29th floor not knowing that the office I was looking for was in the other wing and that 29th floor on that building is umm…a helipad 😛

(b) complaining that the elevator was taking too long to get to the floor I wanted to when I actually forgot to press any button

(c) leaning on the wall of the elevator & accidentally pressing all the floors *Yikes!*

(d) entering an elevator dedicated to another set of floors (e.g. 11-20) when I was supposed to have entered another one for my floor

(e) turning into a total noob (as if I haven’t in situtations a to d) while staring at this marvelous technology that optimizes the number of trips versus destination and all you have to do is key in the floor of your choice!

I just realized, that could have been another cartoon entry altogether!  Oh well.

As land gets more & more scarce & building are multiplying exponentially, elevators will be inevitable means of transportation.   Good luck to all of us on our future elevator adventures & mishaps! 🙂

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section Ponggo





A few more days to go before the Nuffnang Blogopolis! 🙂 We’re very grateful & excited to have been invited as one of the speakers!  We’ll be sharing some blogging tips in the 2:45pm panel with our fellow bloggers Abe OlandresNoemi DadoChristine DychiaoDavid GuisonLisa KahayonIvan HenaresMike LimCarlo Ople. (If you’re staring at the blogopolis page, yes, that’s us as  Anthony / Tippy Go.)  We were told to “come as our blog” and so we asked if we should dress up as the Googly Gooeys. Ha! 😛

Nuffnang Blogopolis Poster

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Nuffnang Blogopolis Infographic

We would love, love, love to meet you, our readers! ❤❤❤

We’re actually excited to meet our fellow bloggers too and listen to what they have to say! 🙂  You don’t get to gather all bloggers in one place generously sharing their tips, stories and secrets! 😉 *Oh, prepare thy notebooks & clean thy ears. Hahaha*

Nuffnang Blogopolis iPad Mini Promo

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Imagine, at Php 999, you’ll be hearing all the tips from the bloggers, food will be provided and you also get to mingle with everyone during networking night! 🙂 Get your tickets now & don’t forget to sign up for Session A 😀

See you on Sunday!


Tipsy & Ponggo 😀

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