Five Good Things About Breakfast (a Collaboration with Tales from the Tummy)

For this post, we collaborated with Richard Co of Tales from the Tummy, a must-read food blog especially if you’re the type who loves to explore places to eat! 🙂  From the first crack at the newest resto’s to travel adventures and out-of-the-country foodtrips, you’ll find it in his oozing with food porn website 😉

Breakfast with Tipsy & Ponggo (Bacon, Eggs & Pancakes)

We were inspired by the fact that his blog is about photos of food and instead of giving you the usual cartoons, we created some props and shot them with our plushies!  I didn’t know playing with clay was actually fun & therapeutic (which is pretty much always my excuse to indulge in all the time consuming things that make me happy!)  I had a crazy week with deadlines every single day…and night (or sometimes two in a night!).  The week ended with a cold threatening to stop me from enjoying my weekend although luckily it didn’t.   So, in the efforts to regain my sanity and happiness back, I went for this style of blog post. I actually feel guilty that I’m enjoying the process. *Beads of sweat are rolling down my forehead as I think about my looming deadlines.*

Except for our recent trip, the last time I played with clay was when I was in grade school.  I used to have Play Doh.  I had punchers and tools that make purple spaghetti 😛  I had a bottle of blue & red clay and as a desperate attempt to come up with pasta, I mixed them.  That was the most unappetizing shade of purple I ever produced!
Anyhooz, going back to more palatable things, without further ado, here are the five good things about breakfast:

1)      Bacon, Eggs and the Butter that comes with your Pancake – O yeah!  There’s nothing like a good dose of cholesterol in the morning! (Extra bars servings of butter and egg yolks, anyone?) Well, of course egg has its nutritional benefits.  If you’re a serious health buff, please spare us from the debate of whether or not eggs are healthy.  If you still haven’t figured out, this was meant to be a sarcastic blog post 😉

Ponggo with his Breakfast with Split Screen of Bacon Eggs & Pancake

2) Fruits – Get the vitamin C and fiber that you need!  Fiber is really good for the tummy and yes, the state of your digestive system will definitely affect your mood.   A constipated tummy equals a constipated mind 😉  You can quote us on that.

Fruits with Tipsy & Ponggo in the Background

Here’s more fruit porn.  I’m so sorry. I just had to take more photos of this.  I upcycled a grocery paper bag and weaved a little native fruit basket.  It felt a bit nostalgic because I suddenly realized, weaving with paper was our first ever project in grade one! 😛 And yes, I just had to take that top view angle because I wanted to showcase the tiny leaves.  I actually wonder if fondant also has the same properties as clay? Hmm…Hmm…..

Fruits Upclose: Apples, Oranges, Pears

More fruits!  As Barney once said, “If you want something crunchy, if you want something sweet, fruits and vegetables are always fun to eat!”  Puzzled?  No.  That’s not the le-ge-hen-da-ha-ry Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, that was Barney the purple dinosaur!

Tipsy & Ponggo with Coffee, Tea and Coffee Beans

3. Coffee or Tea – a double dose of caffeine to jolt your system!  It’s just funny that Ponggo didn’t want to lend me his coffee beans last night so I stole them from our freezer this morning while he was still asleep and voila, I now have screaming evidence of my petty crime.  Well, Ponggo, if you’re reading this, no coffee beans were harmed in the making of this post 😉  Yes, that’s just our instant coffee right there.  Nope.  Not your precious brown powder 😉 Yes, I still don’t know how to operate our coffee grinder.

Milk & Cereal   4. Cereal & Milk – If you’re looking for a low-fat, healthy diet, cereal’s always good (easy on the full cream milk and sugar though) 😉

Milk & Cereal with Tipsy

I love having milk & cereal in the morning because it’s something you can eat when you’re rushing (which is always, in my case).  When I’m desperate, I eat my cereal like chips & drink my milk separately. Oops!

5) Better Out, Than In – Finally, what’s really really really good about breakfast is that you get to fuel your system for the rest of the day and thanks to your full to the brim tummy, a bunch of diuretics, a new supply of fiber and lactose (if your system is intolerant), you get to relieve your system before you leave the house! Miniature rolls of tissue, anyone? 😉

Poopie Time with Rolls of Tissue

I know what you’re thinking right now: “OMG! A floating poop!”

Well, we hope you enjoyed our interpretation of Richard’s list 😉 Don’t forget to follow him on Facebook, Twitter (@TalesfromtheTum), Instagram and Pinterest 🙂  Thank you too Richard for collaborating with us on this blog post 😀

Finally! Here’s an obligatory “props organized neatly” shot inspired by Things Organized Neatly 🙂 Ta-dahhh! *I feel like a grade school kid showing her work to her parents*

Googly Gooeys Props Organized Neatly

If you’re also wondering how my tiny workspace this morning looked like (of course I removed the messy stuff..hehe), here you go:

Tipsy's Workspace

For those of you who have been asking about the Googly Gooey plushies, we’ve just restocked recently! 🙂 You may place your orders here :)Googly Gooeys Plush Toys

I really wish we ‘ll have more time in the future to do posts like these! 🙂 Hope this was a good reminder for you to nevahh evahhh skip your breakfast! 🙂


Tipsy ❤


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Abigail Chang ☀
11 years ago

arghhhhhh tooooo cute <3

Cym Marzan
11 years ago

Super adorable! How did the poop float anyways? 😀

11 years ago

Wonderful! I love your workspace/moodboard.

11 years ago

U ppl are just toooooo create-ive. Awsum work u guys. :-))

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