What Do You Think? & The Summer Komikon 2013

Googly Gooeys What Do You Think? "Hmmm...I need help. What are you supposed to press here again?" "What do you think?" "Then, what am I supposed to do next?" "What do you think?" "Can't you just give me a straight answer?" "Fine, fine, am I annoying you?" "What do you think?" "Ahhh...once again, my purpose in life has been fulfilled."

The other night, Ponggo & I were working on a project.  I was telling him to use another software but he won’t budge.  Then, he was asking me for instructions from time to time.  Years ago, one of my bosses told me that the best way to teach someone is by helping them discover stuff for themselves instead of teaching them.   I think I took this too literally and ended up saying, “What do you think?” each time he asked for instructions.  He always gave me an annoyed face but I just kept on holding back some info because I wanted him to discover the hidden rules of lay-outing. Hehehe. *evil grin* I asked if I was annoying him and he replied, “What do you think?”


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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile

The Googly Gooeys will be at this year’s Summer Komikon 2013!   Komikon (Comicon) is a comic convention with all sorts of comic / graphic novel artists.  We’re so excited to have a booth there! We’ll be at the lobby area of the Bayanihan Center, Unilab Compound in Pasig City (Philippines).   We’ll be selling our Googly Shirts, pins, postcards & plushies 🙂 We’ll be talking about this in our future posts! 🙂 See you guys on April 13.  Summer Komkon 2013 will be from 10am to 7pm.

Don’t forget to follow @KomikonTweets on Twitter, like Komikon on Facebook, sign up for the Komikon 2013 Event on Facebook or visit the Komikon website for more details. 🙂

Komikon Summer 2013


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11 years ago

Or in other words: ano sa tingin mo? *evil laugh*

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