Morning Person

Not Much of a Morning Person

Hello There! Tipsy here. I’m the morning person between the two of us. Ponggo’s such a night owl we actually joke to our friends that we only get to talk to each other somewhere between lunch time and early evening.  He always sleeps at past midnight.   He loves working at night because for him, it’s

Googly Gooeys Breakfast for McDonalds

Hooray for Today: Start Your Day Right With Breakfast!

    Hellooooo! Good morning! As I’m writing this blog post,  half of the city is still asleep and getting their extra ZzzZz’s.  Yep, I’m a morning person.  On weekdays, I have to wake up at 6:30am to do some errands and drive to my work.  My day always starts early to the point that

Googly Gooeys Five Signs That Youre Clingy
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Five Signs That You Are Clingy

Le sigh for clingy people.  The worst message I ever got was when I was on a minimoon (i.e. honeymoon jr.) and one of my wedding visitors texted me and because I wasn’t responding to her Facebook message.  She tried calling me and she also contacted my other friends asking for a decent explanation why

Googly Gooeys Instagram Bingo
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Let’s Play the Instagram Bingo

I know what you’re thinking, “If this is a Bingo card, why are there only 9 frames?” Well, the last time I checked, the Instagram window can only show up to 3 x 3.5 frames so there! 🙂 I must admit I also like putting hashtags 😀 I’m also guilty of taking pictures of clouds, participating

Googly Gooeys Worst Places to Fart
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Five Worst Places to Fart

So I was thinking of hopping on that shiny shimmery red bandwagon of posting something about the upcoming V-day.  I was supposed to come up with “How People Profess Their Love” or “PDA: Then & Now”, but no.  Ponggo kept on insisting on his ten day old e-mail (Yes, I ask him to e-mail me

Googly Gooeys Five Kinds of Busy
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The Five Kinds of Busy

Well, first of all, I do miss this coming up with comics in this format.  The sad news is, I don’t think it actually think the horizontal orientation is working well with the website’s new format. Oh well. I’ve put off some schedules because I’m busier than ever in all aspects of my life.  If

Googly Gooeys Entertainment on Youtube1

Entertainment on Youtube

My friend Aina was sharing with me yesterday how amusing the YouTube comments were.   It’s always amazing how people would take time to trash and reply to random strangers and thanks to this, we now have something entertaining to read while we’re: (a) waiting for the video to load (b) waiting for the last

Googly Gooeys Speaking in Code
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Speaking in Code

Our first ever fight back when we were still dating (umm…more than 10 years ago) was pretty much about this.  When I said yes he thought I was really saying yes but he didn’t know that I was secretly hurting slash dying inside. Apparently, for certain people yes is yes and no is no.  For

Googly Gooeys Last Christmas
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Last Christmas I Gave You My…

Gift-giving is probably not the most exciting part of our relationship.  After so many years of trying, Ponggo has finally given up on me.  I have way too many comments about all the presents he has given me.  One year, he tries to guess the clothes I might like.  Last Christmas, he bought me stuff that

Googly Gooeys Types of Projects Dec10
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Types of Projects Based on How They Start & End

If you’ve been following us on Instagram. you’ll know what projects we’ve been working on in between all the cartoon posts.  And, speaking of projects, through the years, I just realized that there are different types of projects / assignment / work / report–well, stuff to work on in general–based on the path they take!

Googly Gooeys Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts & the Googly Gooey Plushie Keychains

As the song goes, ♩♪♫♬ Oh the truth hurts! The lies worse! ♩♪♫♬  Well, that has been my theme song lately.  Nope, not for my married life but for my relationship with the weighing scale.  Ever since I injured my knees, I’ve been in a losing battle to keep that number from going up.  I’m so tired

Googly Gooeys Best Gift Ever
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Best Gift Ever!

Ever shopped for Christmas stuff with a back-up plan?  Did you ever go, “Hmm…I’ll buy this notebook for my sister but if she doesn’t like it, I’ll have it! It must not go to waste”.  Ponggo always sneakily buys stuff for his dad hoping that (a) they can share it or (b) if he doesn’t

Googly Gooeys Five Signs That Youre a Stalker

5 Signs That You’re a Stalker (by a Stalker)

Here are five signs that you’re a stalker (by a stalker) 😉 With all the info about people’s lives in all social networking sites, deliberate or not, netizens end up being transformed into instant stalkers. One day you catch someone’s status update and voila, after 30 minutes, you’ve realized you’ve gone through the person’s albums,

Googly Gooeys One More Night1

One More Night Lyrics Illustrated (Sung by Maroon 5)

One More Night Lyrics Continuing the Googly Gooey tradition of ignoring metaphors (yes, traditions are now formed in months in terms of internet years), here’s the One More Night lyrics sung by Maroon 5! 🙂 This song has been stuck in my head for a while now.   As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts,


Reasons Why You’re Not Yet Done With Your Work

There’s still so much on my to-do list that I have yet to tackle.  I never really ran out of work to do.  Then again, I realized that I have this bad habit of squeezing in activities into weekends & holidays because I get restless when I’m not busy. *I think I have a disease*

Googly Gooeys Questions Answers
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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers: I wonder if other couples also spend time doing nothing but trying to beat & outwit their partners for fun. Ha! 😉 More comics about Tipsy & Ponggo here: Signs That You’re in Love Reading Too Much Into Things & Dissecting Phrases Who’s Calling You? Keeping Secrets The Value of Honesty in

Googly Gooeys How People Look at the Menu2

Look at the Menu!

  “Look at the menu, what do you see?” This is probably not the question your psychologist will ask you but anything you say about anything says a lot about you 😉 *Looks like someone was lazy enough to check the Thesaurus to make the previous sentence less redundant. Ha!* Related Posts (Ooh! I didn’t

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