Five Signs That You Are Clingy

Googly Gooeys Five Signs That You're Clingy! 1) "You used to respond within ten seconds, now it takes you five minutes *sigh* 2) You're very demanding with time and attention, "You don't have time for me anymore" "Sigh. But we're always together!" 3) You can't do things by yourself "Where are you going today? May I join you? Please oh please?" 4) You're always paranoid about your relationship "He hasn't responded yet. Maybe he's mad at me or something" 5) Worst of all, you can't take a hint about how annoyingly clingy you are! "Why didn't you respond to my e-mail, tweet, dm, message on facebook, wlal post and comment on instagram?" Le sigh for clingy people.  The worst message I ever got was when I was on a minimoon (i.e. honeymoon jr.) and one of my wedding visitors texted me and because I wasn’t responding to her Facebook message.  She tried calling me and she also contacted my other friends asking for a decent explanation why I wasn’t replying.  Somewhere between wedded bliss and mostly harassed from all the wedding preparations plus the joys and pains of moving into a new home, I was so annoyed.  But it didn’t stop there.  When I got back, I received calls afterwards and messages on every social networking site that we’re connected.  I’m usually the type who forgives and tolerates these things (for years) but gahhh…someone just successfully reached my limit. In the end though, I know it’s my fault.  I don’t really have a middle ground when it comes to friendships.  I’m just either super kind and once abused, I will forever hide inside my shell and pretend to a non-living object just like a hermit crab ;)



P.S. Hmm…Seems like we’re addicted to lists of five. Hmm…Must be the number or the lay-out which calls for an odd-numbered list or the size of  the Googly Gooey characters which might be too tall for a list of four and too small beyond 5 😉 Anyhooz, here are more lists of five 😀

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Jel Directo
11 years ago

i’m not clingy but i’m guilty on an item or two. Hahahaha!

jasmin nato ♥
11 years ago

I love the watercolors!!! 🙂 did you also use watercolor for the texts (i.e. our favorites from grand momma’s kitchen)

11 years ago

The food drawings are sooooo cute!!

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