5 Signs That You’re a Stalker (by a Stalker)

Googly Gooeys 5 Signs That You're a Stalker 1) You've Memorized Their Wardrobe "Look! Proof that celebrities also repeat clothes! Yay!" "Pfft! 2) You're familiar with their sleepign habits "Hmmm...He hasn't posted anything yet. He should be awake by this time." 3) You remember certain things they can't "Remember the status message you posted about your coffee 4 years ago?" "Hmm...really, I can't remember" 4) You know who their friends are "Look! She always responds to this guy!" "Hmp!" 5) You never make your presence felt "I won't comment on this but I'll definitely save this photo!

Here are five signs that you’re a stalker (by a stalker) 😉
With all the info about people’s lives in all social networking sites, deliberate or not, netizens end up being transformed into instant stalkers. One day you catch someone’s status update and voila, after 30 minutes, you’ve realized you’ve gone through the person’s albums, tagged photos, profile pictures twitter & instagram account. You may or may not admit to stalking but during one of them parties, you’ll end up blurting out a comment about this and that person’s life or asking about something they posted from x years ago.

Are you guilty of stalking? Well, you don’t really have to answer out loud. We know that one way or another, you are. And no, don’t even try to defend yourself. Remember, the ones who are guilty are defensive 😉

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Shekayna Cambronero
Shekayna Cambronero
8 years ago

I’m #5 !

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