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My friend Aina was sharing with me yesterday how amusing the YouTube comments were.   It’s always amazing how people would take time to trash and reply to random strangers and thanks to this, we now have something entertaining to read while we’re: (a) waiting for the video to load (b) waiting for the last few seconds before the unwanted ad disappears.   I don’t really know what people’s motives are but the only ones I can think of are:  I wonder if people are actually doing it because it’s cathartic, they’re having a bad day and they really have to lash it out on someone, they’re the overly sensitive huge, mega die-hard fans of the video owner or perhaps commenting on Youtube is the most exciting that happened in their life since talking to real people.   Well, of course, there are a few, respectable valid ones.  And oh the spammers a.k.a. I-love-your-video-please-visit-mine comments. *Wait, I think this already deserves another cartoon post*.

So you thought it was going to stop at YouTube but click on a celebrity’s Instagram & voila, it’s like Youtube allover again.  *faints*

Well, whatever the motives behind all those comments are, you still can’t deny they’re quite entertaining 😉

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11 years ago

I know what you mean! I shared this video on my blog but I couldn’t stop myself from reading the comments first. Yung blog post ko tuloy nag focus din sa kanila. haha

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