Hooray for Today: Start Your Day Right With Breakfast!

Googly Gooeys Breakfast for McDonalds



Hellooooo! Good morning!

As I’m writing this blog post,  half of the city is still asleep and getting their extra ZzzZz’s.  Yep, I’m a morning person.  On weekdays, I have to wake up at 6:30am to do some errands and drive to my work.  My day always starts early to the point that even on weekends, I find it hard to sleep in.   I can’t bring myself to wake up at noon because it makes me feel like I’ve missed half of the day.

Working in the morning requires a looooot of energy (just think of that transition from that pseudo-mummified state while wrapped in endless bed sheets to becoming an excited electron in a matter of minutes—that needs a lot of boost!)

Speaking of energy, I actually get mine from breakfast.  People used to joke that people who are on an extreme diet are probably moody because they’re hungry.  Apparently, there’s some scientific evidence that via a complicated series of molecular reactions, neurological responses, and intricate biological processes, this is the transformation that happens:

Skip Breakfast → Become Hungry  → Get Angry → Go HAngry → Turn into a Zombie → Look for Brains

Kidding of course! The scientists would have protested at my baseless inflated theory. 😛  Here’s a more respectable evidence.   People think that by skipping breakfast, they have saved themselves from X calories not knowing that they just set themselves up perfectly for some eating mooooore later in the day! Yikes!

It always feels good to have breakfast.  It makes you feel fueled ready to sing, ♩♪Hooray for today! ♫♬” For one, the word’s etymology suggests that we’re breaking the fasting that our body has been going through while we were asleep.

My favorite breakfast food is McDonald’s 2pc Hotcakes with Sausage but there are days when I crave for a Big Breakfast and a yummy cup of Hot Chocolate or McCafe Premium Roast Coffee and Hash Browns when I’m rushing! 🙂


Hope this post gets you craving for breakfast already!

So, what are your favorite breakfast meals? 🙂

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11 years ago

As Garfield (ofcourse the comic character…Duh!) said,
“diet is only a Die with a T”. 😀

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