I’ve never been so excited to upload a blog post!! 😀 Here’s the Googly Gooey adventure in Boracay part 2. Since it’s summer we thought of coming up with some sunshiny upbeat post! 😀 Ahh…I feel that if I proceed, I’ll be pre-empting some parts of the video so press play & let’s just talk later 😉


(You can watch this video in full HD when you click this link The Googly Gooeys Goes to Boracay 🙂 )

We picked “Candy in the Sun” by Swril 360 because that’s what we love playing in the car when we would go ♩♪ traveling around the nation ♫♬

banana boat for rent

I’m actually surprised that I was able to hold the pictures for this loooong. I’ve been wanting to share with you the rest of the plushie pictures but figured I must wait until we’re done with the video! Here’s the first one with the banana boats. Ponggo and I initially wanted to bring bananas to the beach but realized that they’re not the best fruits to travel with because they’re oh-so-fragile-and-sensitive!

mermaids in boracay

I initially wanted to scrap this mermaid idea. I did it during the first day but the sand wasn’t so manageable. Finally, I moved near the shore where the tiny waves could already touch my feet. I just needed more water and I could finally have my own Tipsy zeh mermaid & Ponggo zeh merman 😉 I was looking for a bunch of identical seashells but later resorted to clay. While I was away, I would look back from time to time if the mermaids were still intact. I was afraid they’ll be gobbled up by the water. Instead, what I saw were a bunch of tourists, a mom, a grown man and some teens taking pictures of Tipsy & Ponggo on the sand. It’s just cute that they would ask for permission if they could take the photo of the plushies.

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googly gooeys snorkeling zone

Finally, here’s a picture of them snorkeling together. We just thought that we should set this up because Boracay is really a good place for snorkeling (umm….aside from helmet diving, parasailing, sunset sailing, riding the ATV, rolling down the hill inside a zorb et cetera! Hehe).

top view of boracay

We left Boracay on a Sunday at around 8a.m. in the morning and boarded the 2GO Travel ship back to Batangas. As in the video, we were reviewing and laughing about all our adventures. We were just mighty glad that our trip back already included a free lunch meal and for anything else, there’s snack corner that sells our favorite go-to food and drinks 😉

map boracay

We rested in our uber comfy aircon rooms—we instantly fell asleep. Hahaha. Upon waking up, we met up with one of the 2GO Travel Girls, Cherry, and we were toured around the ship. We went to the bridge! ☺ I felt like a kid again. Ponggo & I got to meet the Captain and we got a really cool view 1800 view of where the boat was going. While Ponggo and one of the staff in the bridge were talking about some scientific stuff about reading graphs & gauges, I was introduced to some giant Philippine maps. I was introduced to the ship’s route. I’ve never seen a map of my country this complete and detailed! It’s all so cool. Why didn’t we have those in school?

We arrived in Batangas by 6pm and drove back to Manila ☺

I know what you’re thinking, “Lovely photos but where’s the promo?” Wait, sorry, I got lost in my story-telling.

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Fine, fine, here it is:

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b) How many crabs were there in the video and where can you find it/them? (Hint: The answer is not 1).
Can’t get enough of the video? ☺

Update as of March 23, 2013, 10:47pm

Hello Guys! We have two instant winners of ten pieces of Googly pins each!

1) Joann

2) Yafidoosh

Woo! Such keen eyes they found the mermaid & crab right away.
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