Not Much of a Morning Person

Not much of a morning person, How he sees himself, his body clock, how he sees things, his excuse for being late. sigh i must be a vampire, i hate the sun and i love being awake at night. come to think of it i am living in a different time zone. i don't get all the hype of about morning traffic and the freezing shower. i thought i already woke up and did all my morning routine. apparently it was just a dream

Hello There! Tipsy here. I’m the morning person between the two of us. Ponggo’s such a night owl we actually joke to our friends that we only get to talk to each other somewhere between lunch time and early evening.  He always sleeps at past midnight.   He loves working at night because for him, it’s easy to concentrate while everyone’s asleep.  I, on the other hand, wake up as early as I can every day for the same reason!

Because he’s always awake at odd hours (think 3am, at home on a weekday), his friends have already theorized that he must be in an overextended stay in Europe or working from a different country.   A lot of people also know that he’s such a useless person to talk to in the morning since he’s such a zombie.

I always daydream about the day that Ponggo & I could have a breakfast together when he finally decides to be decently awake at an early hour.  Then I heard from my favorite morning show on the radio that on March 18,  McDonald’s  will be celebrating National Breakfast Day! J  Apparently, they’ll be giving away 1,000 free McMuffins from 5am to 9am! Now, who doesn’t want to wake up for a bajillion gazillion muffins???

I say gazillion because this is not just nationwide, 34 other markets in 16 countries across 5,000 restaurants in the Asia Pacific, Middle East & South Africa will be celebrating National Breakfast Day too! 🙂

But we must all wake up early & rush to the nearest McDonald’s because the 1,000 McMuffins will be given for FREE but only on a first-come-first-served basis.  Sorry sleepyheads! 😉  Fret not, there’s roughly a total of 300,000 McMuffins to be given away! *Faints while imagining a mountain of McMuffins!*

Good news for those who always have their breakfast via the drive-thru like me: The free McMuffins free McMuffins may be claimed via dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru!

If you’re curious as to what will be greeting you on March 18, here’s the goodness of freshly cracked Grade A egg, Canadian bacon & and melty 100% American cheese. Presenting, the Egg McMuffin….

Ta-daaaaahhhh! That’s sunshine in a bun!

Free McMuffin, national breakfast day, march 18

Then again, what’s an Egg McMuffin doing without the goodness of McCafe Premium Roast Coffee? 🙂 Some things are just better togethaaah!

While the free McMuffins are only until 9:00am, you may still enjoy your McDonald’s breakfast every day until 10:30am 🙂

Mark your calendars & see you at McDonald’s on March 18! 🙂

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gela h. guerrero
11 years ago

I can totally relate to Ponggo’s excuse on being late, that happens to me way too much!

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