Googly Gooeys The Irony With Sleep

The Ironic Thing About Sleep

This year, I’m so happy that I’ve actually streamlined my work into blogging & workshops. If I continued to accept commissions, I don’t know what will happen to everyone who needed to get their invites and materials done.  I can’t keep them waiting forever.  I always say “sleep is precious”.  My body usually lets me […]

Googly Gooeys Messed Up Body Clock1

Messed Up Body Clock

These days, when I’m stressed,  I no longer feel the full effect of it.  On certain days, I’ll end up oversleeping which means my body is begging for more rest time because I’m about to sleep and at other times, when I’m so anxious about certain things, I end up having a very messed up

Googly Gooeys Hunger vs Sleep

Eat Versus Sleep

In a perfect world, and probably a boring one at that, we would all probably be sleeping or eating all the time!  However, in real life, schedules can get toxic–so toxic in fact that we tend to forget to eat or rest in between  (or, maybe it’s just me yesterday because most of the time,

Googly Gooeys Five Kinds of Busy
chart, GOOGLY GOOEYS, sleep

The Five Kinds of Busy

Well, first of all, I do miss this coming up with comics in this format.  The sad news is, I don’t think it actually think the horizontal orientation is working well with the website’s new format. Oh well. I’ve put off some schedules because I’m busier than ever in all aspects of my life.  If

Googly Gooeys How I Wake Up on Weekdays vs Weekends

How I Wake Up on Weekends vs. Weekdays

This is definitely how I wake up on weekends vs. weekdays!  My body clock loves waking me up after having exactly 6 hours of sleep!  Yesterday, I woke up at 5:45am and now, after coming home from the Bloom Arts Festival at 2am, I’m wide awake & blogging at 8:30am. *Doingk* Who blogs in the

GG questions we ask ourselves

Questions We Ask Ourselves

Questions We Ask Ourselves: What do you usually ask yourself when  you’re in a reflective mood? I hate it when my brain won’t let me sleep because it’s too busy evaluating my life and worrying about my future when all I really want to do is forget all my responsibilities for a moment and visit

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