Five Worst Places to Fart

Googly Gooeys Five Worst Places to Fart 1. Inside an elevator or any enclosed area "I need to fart!" "Please hold it in! Just hink of the people who might die!" 2. While you're riding an escalator "Did we just enter the fart cloud of doom?" "I think so." 3. Meeting room or class room "How can I fart here? There are too many witnesses!" "...or people to blame if you look at the bright side!" 4. In any dining area "Do you know that what we taste is influenced by what we can smell?" "I know but I choose not to remember!" 5. Inside a movie house "If there's a fire exit, I think it's high time they make a fart exit" "I don't think so"

So I was thinking of hopping on that shiny shimmery red bandwagon of posting something about the upcoming V-day.  I was supposed to come up with “How People Profess Their Love” or “PDA: Then & Now”, but no.  Ponggo kept on insisting on his ten day old e-mail (Yes, I ask him to e-mail me so that I don’t forget about what I’m supposed to post and yes, our house is really small and it’s quite impossible to walk away from someone therefore deeming the need for an inter-house e-mail useless).  Well, come to think of it, love may be in the air but so is the unwelcoming smell of  farts.  It doesn’t pick a season and it comes without warning!   I’m sure you’ve all been victims of flatulence–be it other people’s or worse, your own.

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