Reasons Why You’re Not Yet Done With Your Work

Googly Gooeys Reasons Why You're Not Yet Done With Your Work 1) It must be the weather "This cloudy weather is making me sleepy" "Oh what a lovely day! Makes me want to go out & not work today" 2) While the long-term reward of feeling fulfilled presents itself, the short-term benefits of sleep are more attractive" 3) You're busy socializing...alone "Let me just answer thse tweets & facebook comments & I'll get to the rest of my to-do list" 4) You're too preoccupied with the little things "Oh I can't submit this yet. I'm still disturbed with my font of choice" 5) You're waiting for work to pile up and hoping you'll be motivated as the deadline approaches "Adrenaline rush, where are you?" 6) Your feelings have trumped your rational side again "Well, I just don't feel like doing anything today".

There’s still so much on my to-do list that I have yet to tackle.  I never really ran out of work to do.  Then again, I realized that I have this bad habit of squeezing in activities into weekends & holidays because I get restless when I’m not busy. *I think I have a disease* O_o  However, there are days when I just can’t get myself to finish the task at hand.  My rational side is trying not to subscribe to the whole “waiting for the muse” thing for artworks but the other half of my brain has a mood of its own.  I’m usually stuck with numbers 4 & 6 and I always feel guilty about getting too much #2. *Doingk* I think I need to have myself checked.  O_o

Meanwhile, I’m not yet done with a whole bunch of projects so, good bye for now as I head to the drawing board 😉



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