Speaking in Code

Googly Gooeys Speaking in Code "Are you feeling okay?" "Yes." "Are you sure? I something bothering you?" "I'm fine...Really." "Alright. If you need me, you know where to find me." "Okay." After an Hour... "Nobody loves me. I feel soooo alone." "I thought you said you were okay?" "When I say I'm okay it means I'm not really okay" "Sigh. I'll never be able to figure this out"

Our first ever fight back when we were still dating (umm…more than 10 years ago) was pretty much about this.  When I said yes he thought I was really saying yes but he didn’t know that I was secretly hurting slash dying inside.

Apparently, for certain people yes is yes and no is no.  For others, a yes or no question may not be the best way of getting an answer because they will never tell you the truth.  They’ll try to be politically correct, polite and subtle with a sweet grin!  They’ll never tell you they’re angry but they won’t talk to you ever again for the rest of your life or block you off from all their social networking accounts (LOL).  They’ll tell you their okay but will go on ranting and nagging you for how insensitive you really are for not being able to read their minds and true emotions. Haha.

Tricky, fuzzy logic.

Since we’re not floating spirits with see-through emotions, we’ll just have to live with this and it’s up to us to decide whether someone is speaking in code 😉 So beware of such people…beware of people like me. Lol.


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