The Five Kinds of Busy

Googly Gooeys The Five Kinds of Busy 1. Busy but the Manageable Kind "I can do this!" 2. Busy & feeling miserable "I forgot how it feels to be happy! 3. Busy but happy "My dreams are finally coming true. 4. "Busy & bored" So, this is how stressful being bored & busy feels. 5. Pretending to be busy. "Yes, yes. I'm very busy"

Well, first of all, I do miss this coming up with comics in this format.  The sad news is, I don’t think it actually think the horizontal orientation is working well with the website’s new format. Oh well.

I’ve put off some schedules because I’m busier than ever in all aspects of my life.  If you’ve witnessed how I was during the past few days, you could have already called me manic depressive.  I’ve been shifting from miserable and helpless with half-opened zombie like eyes when I’m working then happy when I’m with family & friends!   Just a few days ago, a friend of mine told me, “Hey, if your too busy, we can just move our dinner to another date.” I said, “Noooo!  I actually enjoy meeting up with people for the sake of my sanity!”

Well, it’s been quite a roller coaster ride.  I’ve been waking up earlier than my alarm clock and sleeping an hour beyond my usual bed time.  You won’t really find me lying down at home, staring into space and doing nothing.  I only get to do that when I feel really sick  and weak or asleep (No, not the staring into space part when I’m asleep you smarty pants!)  When I go out or upload a new blog post or live tweet a bit , I feel guilty because I know I should be attending to other things.  But, when  I feel that I’ve been ignoring this site or I’ve been trying to conveniently hop from one easy blog post to another, I start feeling guilty again and worse–confused as to what I’m really supposed to prioritize and alas, finding myself lost in that labyrinth of existential doubt….again!  I also feel guilty each time I’m busy & I still take time uploading an Instagram photo becuase I know I sound like I’m not really busy even though I say I am.  Gahhhh….

I guess in the end, I just have to ignore all the comments inside my head about how busy I’m supposed to appear and not feel an ounce of remorse each time I do something to gain back my saneness.

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8 years ago

Haha. I love this!

Jacqueline Balea Patubo
Jacqueline Balea Patubo
8 years ago

2+5 during the day! Miserably busy (I won’t tell with what haha) but makes time for fb to destress a bit! Hahaha. 3 at night — happily busy with the toddler and some crafts! :p

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