Am I Fat?

Every time I hear the word “riddle”, the first word that comes to mind is “Sphinx”.  According to the myth, those who cannot answer her question end up suffering.  Fast-forward to the modern day and voila, there are no sphinxes waiting to devour us if we fail.  However, questions that we dare not answer still exist and if one fails, s/he still is still bound to suffer the wrath of the modern-day Sphinx.

Googly Gooeys Am I Fat

I was working on a couple of projects yesterday & I was asking Ponggo something else & he stared at my legs and said, “You really need to get some exercise”.  By this time, I’m a bit desensitized–not that I won’t be exercising at all.  But after more than a decade of knowing each other, I’m finally (slightly) drama-free when these issues are brought up (or so I think)  or if the “Am I Fat” question needs to be asked.


Tipsy ❤

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P.P.S. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you would know that the Philippines has (and still is) suffering from Typhoon Maring. For those who are abroad, you may course your donations directly to Red Cross Philippines.  To those who are residing within the Taguig / Makati area, The Nuffnang Office is open from the 22nd until the 30th of August to accept relief goods.  Thank you in advance!

For those in need of emergency numbers as well as emergency tips, we’ve summed them up here. Take care & stay safe everyone!

Googly Gooeys Doodle Sheets

As promised, we’ll be publishing the best doodle sheet we’ve seen from all the submissions we’ve received. Well, here’s something from Michelle Devonna from Indonesia! I love the way Michelle has even improved the overall design of the doodle sheets by sticking virtual post-its and even a tiny drawing of the landscape in Jakarta! Check out Michelle’s Art Blog here.  For those of you who would still like to submit their doodle sheets, download them here and post the link to your doodle sheet in the comments section 😉
Doodle Sheet by Michelle from Indonesia

P.S. Need more doodle sheets?  Download them here & here 🙂

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Michelle Devonna
Michelle Devonna
10 years ago

Oh dear, thank you for the feature 🙂 lol, your first paragraph cracked me up! My prayer goes to those in the typhoon area, I hope everyone’s safe and things will get better there soon…

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